Bruna Schmitz for Sports Illustrated

Bruna Schmitz, the smouldering 20-year-old from Salto do Lontra, Brazil, will appear in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Shot in Banff, Canada, the shoot's themed around the ASP Women's world number 15 doing a bit of casual fly-fishing and frolicking river-side, while looking breathtaking in… you guessed it, swimsuits. Kinda odd, but original and stunning, f'sure. We've included some of the more fun photos from the gallery, but y'can peep the rest by following the link at the bottom.Bruna caught Stab's attention last year, so we ourselves commissioned a photo shoot with her and Alana Blanchard, calledReturn of the ultra-vixen. The video from that shoot is below. Sure there were no fishing rods or paddles, but hey, we think it turned out just peachy. Both girls were as charming in person as they are photogenic.


And now, some of the photos...