Sterling Spencer Steers The Ocean Racer Twin, Florida

"Our very own backyard here on Pensacola Beach surprised all the boys on this morning," recounted lensman Alex Dantin of the green-hued Gulf Coast session captured above. "We had a front come through the day before and we had the assumption it was going to be flat with the winds shifting north early the evening prior. Boy, were we wrong! We had about a four hour window of what some of us are calling the funnest day of the year. It didn't even feel like we were in the Gulf."

Intrigued by the outline and unusual lines drawn by the craft under Sterling's feet, we decided to enquire directly on the matter. Sterling replied with the following:

This board was shaped by Chris Christenson. He calls it the Ocean Racer.. scholars say that in 1000 bc ancient native Americans used this board as a spiritual practice to reach higher dimensions of awareness of consciousness. The secret dimensions of the shape were handed down from generations ending up in our hands. To use this board the correct way you must follow the ancient Kryia to reach enlightenment. 

Step 1. Must be Full Vegan

Step 2. Must chant Gerry Lopez name 108 times

Step 3. Drink 17 Miller Lites.. 

Side effects.. If ancient Kyria not performed correctly before riding you may get a little dick or extreme visions of Joel Tudor naked riding a pony with a tattoo on his stomach saying "My other ride is your Mom."


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