Sebastian Zietz, Black Sand Blast, Keramas

Sebastian Zietz is having a fine time in Bali. Rookie year, weather and waves like his native Kauai and shining in his main sponsor's event - what more could y'ask for?

Undeterred by his first round loss to John John Florence (y'know, because of the highest oop ever landed), Sea Bass ejected a surprisingly dangerous Kieren Perrow with a flurry of facework and tweaked airs, with one particularly amazing bull-ride (wild!) hack, scoring him a 15.23 total and shooting him into round three. Where he will again face John John! Don't that excite?

"I knew there weren't going to be any barrels today but it’s perfect air wind,”said Sea Bass. “Completely different heat to yesterday, but super rippable and I’m glad I was able to get a few good ones."

Also note the quad-roter hovercam, a remote-controlled drone that captures a bird's eye view of Keramas' glory.

Day Three of the Oakley Pro is live right now - check it out over here. – Rupert Partridge