Julian Wilson, green dream at Kirra, Gold Coast

Which came first, the surfers or the scaffolding? Huh, never mind Stab's chicken-or-egg speculation, just know this: Scaffolding was erected today at Kirra. So, does that mean the Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast will run there tomorrow? We can only hope that the swell doesn't jack up too hard, which Kirra (and Rainbow) won't handle. But, on the other hand, there were tow-ins at Kirra today and it was kinda good.

"Seems like everyone was clued into Kirra working today," says Ryan Miller, who shot this image of Julian Wilson (on a wave he paddled into). "The sweep wasn't that bad and skis were out in the lineup giving people rides back to the top. If you were a surfer you could almost paddle back up the point unassisted. With scaffolding being set up on the walkway almost all of the WCT were eager to get out there and catch a few practice waves for tomorrow's possible day of competition."

So, will it run? At 8am local time, we'll know. Check in here and find out tomorrow.