Josh Kerr, desert 'oop, WA

Western Australia, despite its barren nature, and the fact that you can surf on your own most days, and the fact that the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro is on hold, is buzzing right now.

"The boys have been getting after it in the west," says photog Ryan Miller. "Instagram positivity is at an all time high. Guys are surfing four times a day, and with huge smiles on their faces. This is one hell of a special place. I absolutely love being out here driving down the dirt roads and feeling like a fake tough guy in my four wheel drive. You just don't get to do that kind of shit most of the year."

Josh Kerr, pictured here spinning a full-rote alley oop (is there any other kind anymore, other than Kelly's half spin at Snapper?), has been dancing from sun up to sun down. "Kerr here had surfed this little right with a punt section at the end all day the other day," continues Ryan. "You couldn't drag the guy out of the water."