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The 2013 Stab Rich List

  • bigbudah

    had know idea dane earned that much… living the dream

    • jockua

      He’s pretty much a male model for quicksilver.

      • Axel Foley

        Hispter shit sales!

    • gannysesh

      6 year, $23mil US.

  • Julianus claudius

    A question for Stab: is it only an anglo-saxon ranking or the world ranking? I mean, not one brazilian or euro in the list means they earn less, or that they don’t communicate, or that you don’t care?

    • Code

      They earn less, and they don’t surf as good

      • Rattone

        exactly what Code said

  • Yep

    How can Kelly not be the highest paid? Ok JJF is probably going to own shit in the future, but Dane!? I love the guy, but…c’mon. Kelly doesn’t need more money but it boggles the mind why they would pay Dane more than Kelly.

    • Cappy Goodtime

      How many kids want to dress like a 40 year old bald man???

      • disqus_GHfm9Lg2Ua

        kelly was one of the people that signed off on danes huge contract, he knows dane equals sales for quiksilver, which equals better business for quiksilver, which he owns huge shares in… so basically he pushed hard to keep dane because he knew it would be better for his back pocket…. smart man

      • Yep

        When did this become a fashion show? Kelly embodies everything successful about competition and lifestyle, balances them both, is 40 years old is waxing people half his age. For me there is nothing that exceeds that.

        Anyway, he does own shares in Quik so if they keep Dane on board then it’s good for business.

    • Grant

      The world loves a rebel. Dane is surfing’s rebel. the fact that he is still arguably the most progressive and exciting surfer in the world, doesn’t hurt!

      • YD

        If Dane’s a rebel, I’m Che Guevara.

        • gannysesh

          No way, he’s totally a rebel! He quit the tour. Quit (aka rebelled). the. tour (aka the man). Nuff said! But wait, there’s more, he also rebelled against signing a sponsorship deal with an energy drink. And rebelled against social media for a while but not anymore. If you don’t think Dane’s a full-on rebel, then you need to turn off Meet the Press and start ONLY reading surfing websites, dude!

          • wonkah

            Ive seen monster stickers on danes boards before…

          • gannysesh

            Yeah, it’s because he’s just really stoked on Monster Energy Drinks (and who isn’t? It’s a quality product that gives surfers the boost they need to stay ahead of the pack), and so sometimes he slaps a couple bro-stickers on his board. He’s a purist. He doesn’t need money from EVERY company he likes. True rebel.

          • Jeff Morris

            Brawndo good!

  • .,

    Kolohe is the most overpaid surfer by far. Its fucked up how such a sub standard surfer can get this salary when some surfers who are better cant even get sponsorship money for flights. His surfing is stale and boring too, the industry is messed up

    • Axel Foley

      he has the looks that sales. Young, white, blond, and blue eyes.
      He pretty much looks like the James Dean of surfing.
      which brings me to the question, how much the Brazilians, and Michael Burez makes ?

      • .,

        $2.2 million dollar per year looks? No way. Theres no reason why he deserves to earn that much, he isnt even a top 10 surfer on the WCT and wrecked dear suburbia by repeating one air about 20 times

        • Axel Foley

          he definitely does not have a $2.2 competitive surfing on his hands. But like I said he is the perfect image that sales: with that said, his marketing is bigger than his surfing skills. By accident or not.
          Above all, he rips without a jersey and he is a down to earth guy, he deserves it.

          • .,

            If you combine everything, his actual value would be much, much lower than $2.2 million. If you compare his salary to everyone else in the top 10, they are the stars of our sport who have all done something to stick out and mark themselves as exceptional. Kolohe doesn’t have the same exposure, not as many people know him and he is out of place.

            If his sponsors took 10% of his salary, they could sponsor 10 pro surfers to travel and chase their dreams. Now that is fucked up. Kolohe’s freesurfing is the worst bit, he isn’t as exciting as heaps of unsposored QS guys and ruins every movie he appears in with flicky air reverses which he repeats without variety

          • Axel Foley

            true, good point on how 10% of his salary could help out 10 + other upcoming surfers. Raoni Monteiro (not that he has to 10 quality, but) the guy made to WCT, he now depends on his parents to pay for his air tickets, how come not a single surfing company can at least pay for his tickets and hotel, and here we are paying someone that is not worth $2.2m as a surfer; I always get puzzled on that.
            Capitalism is unfair. Kolohe has something that suits the industry, not the surfing skills as we have agreed upon.

          • wonkah

            So if Hurley payed his hotel, and tickets, what would they get back from that? A chunky tattoo’d man with a receding hairline and a few thousand dollars loss of revenue. It is morally horrible when guys like Julian Wilson are sitting in a $6000 business class seat that is $1000 in economy, the capitalist world is disgusting.

          • Axel Foley

            answering your question Yes hurley would get a lot back from it. Even though he is not the greatest, he has some exposure being on WCT, plus a large of Brazilian fans that would by hurley crap because Raoni is flashing their sticker.
            Tickets and hotels would be crumbs, compare to what they would get in return.
            Now, capitalism being capitalism this is not worth any of the big industry time and effort. The return that Raoni could give with that exposure would be on the three digit range, versus (lets use Kahole one more time) Kahole shows up on some teen magazine flashing some Hurley stuff, just with that exposure the revenue would be higher than committing to a contract with a B surfer like Raoni.
            Money wise/profit apart, its sad for the surfing industry and for guys that work hard to get there like Raoni for instance.

          • wonkah

            You are right, It may make brazilian fans buy a faux-cap from a street stall, but it would also take the gloss off the image that Nike/Hurley are spending zillions trying to achieve. Clean cut good looking dudes like Miguel Pupo, Julian Wilson etc wear Hurley and look good in it. Raoni looks like he’s from a Mexican drug cartel and may eat children. Id say he’s more suited to FOX, or FTU or what ever bobby martinez brand is. I like Raoni, but bottom like is he is unmarketable. If someone could make money through him, they would be. He had sponsors, now he doesn’t. For a reason.

          • Axel Foley

            Poor marketing, and his 90’s image does not help much. Sad tough is not easy to get to the WCT and specially doing it without a sponsor.

          • Redneck

            whats wrong with Julian being in this position? the guy rips. he kills it in the air and had a solid rail game. super progressive. not to mention hes like #6 in the world

          • wonkah

            It’s pretty clear you aren’t from the mighty USA. ‘Not as many people know him and he is out of place’. Go to the US open and see who gets the most attention on the beach. It definitely isn’t Taj, Joel etc.
            Do you know anyone who would buy shin length Raoni Monteiro pro model board shorts? Its a shame he can’t make it to events, it sucks actually, but look at the state of the guy.. seriously. Unmarketable.

          • .,

            Im not saying Raoni and all the other unsponsored surfers are marketable, but $2.2 million dollars for a average surfer is fucked up. You make good points, but the attention he receives wont translate to sales, you dont see the target market for mens boardshorts queuing up on the beach and screaming his name. Its just a bunch of girls, why would they buy hurley boardshorts.

            How about one of his sponsors chuck someone like Ricardo Christie 1% of Kolohe’s earnings so he can chase the QS and shred while getting an entire nation of surfers in support of the brand. This money could be used to support a great surfer and reach a market which has been ignored, or it could be used to fatten Kolohe’s over sized wallet and replace boards that he breaks in a fit of rage. The money spent on Kolohe is strait up fucking dumb when a mere fraction of it can help so many people and gain relatively a lot more support for the brand

          • Guest

            They should pay me that much I can clean out a family-sized bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in 35 minutes. Did I mentioned, I’m also blonde with blue eyes?

          • SRC

            They should pay me that much I can clean out a family-sized bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in 35 minutes. Did I mention, I’m also blonde with blue eyes?

          • James

            Ha he isn’t down to earth he is an arrogant little shit who struggles to make it past round 2

    • BleekBleek

      All I know is that photo of Kolohe by Morgan M is exceptional!

    • Raul Quintanilha Messias

      He gets pushed by all of the staff that do the media on the events. Judges are weak and easy to control.

    • Raul Quintanilha Messias

      don’t know how this became the Raoni debate. Dead end to the Kolohe topic. Kalohe, even though I like him, is over paid. There are loads of other guys (marketable ones) who deserve more. Different post, all together, is the need of Raoni to change. If he had one tenth of Kelly’s articulation, he would be scoring a lot of money.

  • clean shorts

    I has a question: HOW does energy drank companies have so much damn green?? Absurdity!

    • John Dove

      legal drug

    • BleekBleek


    • Daniel

      they sell television rights

    • Will-I-Am

      Red Bull sold over $6 Billion last year. The owner is worth $9 Billion. Think about it, coke is 12 oz. and costs $0.50 a can at the grocery store. Red Bull is 8 oz. and is $2- $3 a can no matter where you buy it. Coke is huge, imagine how Red Bull will bin in 20 years…

  • sam

    Kolohe should not be earning anywhere near Julian or Jordy, forget the massive difference in career stage, results and performance – this is terrible for his growth as athlete and a person. I mean, he made the tour in his teens and that’s crazy but this can’t be good for his hunger..

  • TimTam

    Dane deserves the money he gets so does john john but kelly should be earning 10 million a year. The surf companies should pay Kelly for keeping surfing relevant.

    • Shem

      I believe Kelly owns somewhere between 5-10% of Quik. Part of a deal after winning #10

      • Rattone

        He owns quite a bit of Quik stock, probably equivalent to that, unfortunately that stock isn’t worth shit right now. not like it matters, he is set for life

        • poopoobrown

          ‘In March 2010, the Company’s stockholders approved a grant of three million shares of
          restricted stock to a Company sponsored athlete, Kelly Slater. In
          accordance with the terms of the related restricted stock
          agreement, the final 600,000 shares vested in April 2013.’

          Stock is trading at $6.59USD today.

          • Rattone

            well there ya go’ about 21 million or so. Slater wins

          • Will-I-Am

            The stock helps but you don’t have the money in your pocket until you cash it out. Cash it out and it is gone forever, not like a salary.

          • dopai de la zurri

            In order to have a salary you almost all the time have to work, and you can cash out little by little, so you have a “salary” without working, so yep.

          • nicksoper

            $ZQK is trading at $1.50 at the moment. Holy smokes.

    • Raul Quintanilha Messias

      He got 20 million worth of shares from 2010 till 2013. So you are spot on. He earns about 10 mil a year.

  • snake

    ah… so this is why you hired Dooma!

  • LazerTag

    Jordy better race up that ladder fast, once that paper is signed and Jarvis gets her hands on that stacks its game over for the smiths. Not like she isn’t known for it !

    • gannysesh

      Lyndall needs twelve new noses and eight more boobs.

  • James B

    Wow… Kolohe??? USA surfing market is crazy….

  • Payno

    I’d like to know who wrote this, and where they got this confidential infomation from? It’s funny how only know the amounts from the energy drink brands are exposed? Yet the editor is very hesitant to jot down surf industry amounts, instead he/she lists all the sponsors and total amounts. I recall a certain “power ranking” editor getting axed for mentioning a surf industry big wig’s holiday house, is this the case of the said post, are you too scared to list your sources or confirmed infomation should the surf industry have the final say?

    Back to the article, I know first hand that who ever wrote this has been given ill informed infomation, firstly, they’ve left out bonus’ paid out in the past 12 months – that alone would change up the article completely, making this post spectulative and a bunch of rubbish at best.

    So enjoy reading what I can say is one of the worst infomation based articles I’ve ever read. Keep up the great journolisim, you definitely deserve an award for this one or better yet, a job at CNN.

    • david


    • Miguel107

      At least they have the balls to publish something about sponsor compensation given how tight lipped the surf industry is about athlete’s salaries. I got to give stab some credit since they seem to be the only periodical willing to cover controversial subject matter. Eg. Chad wells firing, Jake and Dooma’s removal at the quik pro etc. If you are going to blast stab for posting this article, then be consistent and blast all the other major surf publications that turn the other way when something remotely controversial happens in the surf industry.

  • Gordo Flores

    A hawaiian, the top paid surfer!? How about that!

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  • Miguel107

    Good on Stab for posting this article. Surfing contracts are always kept under wraps while other major sport’s contracts are public knowledge.

  • julian

    Surely Kieren Perrow is a shoe-in for 11th on this list

  • klansea

    No mention of Kelly’s payment in zqk stock? He owns 3% of the company and his ownership is still growing…. And the price of the stock has gone up significantly since he became a major owner…

    • dang3rtown

      I thought of that as well, maybe Quik’s having a bad year?

      • klansea

        this article just doesn’t accurately portray total income… its only salary. We are missing info on bonuses, equity stakes, movie side projects, investments, etc etc etc.

  • Scott Nakachi

    Is this information publicly available? Every time I read someone has signed a deal the monetary compensation is undisclosed. So is this speculation or is it verifiable?

  • dang3rtown

    I see a lot of people bagging on the merits of various pros and their paydays. Remember a surfer’s value to his sponsor is not measured by his absolute surfing skill, it’s his/her ability to represent the brand and sell products. Why are American surfers at the top of the list? Because America is by far the biggest market. If Julian Wilson or Adriano De Souza wants a bigger payday they need to figure out a way to market themselves better to the American audience.

    Finally, on a personal note I live in San Clemente and surf Trestles just about everyday. I’m out there with Kolohe and all the other pros that surf on any given day. I can safely say two things: Kolohe absolutely destroys 99.9% of the surfers there pros included and he is incredibly driven not in spite of his contracts but because of them. The kid works his ass off for what he has, is humble and very modest with his money (he drives either a prius or some goofy van conversion). He’s as good a representative as you could want for your brand and we’re proud to have him represent us.

    • handyman

      I don’t think anyone denies that Kolohe works his arse off. The fact remains that there are others out there who are far better surfers than Kolohe is who earn 1/100th of his salary and work just as hard, or even harder than him.
      Hurley need to open their eyes to see that this kid is pure hype, not the next Kelly Slater everyone thought he would be. One things for sure, he doesn’t sell 2 million dollars worth of board shorts..

  • poopoobrown

    Is this in AUS or USD?

  • lair

    dane is my hero

  • WICK

    That’s a sick picture of Slates.

    Fact is all these guys get paid to surf…i pay to surf. It doesn’t matter how much the money is, they got life pretty wired.

  • gannysesh

    Why is Steph placed at 6th when she makes less than Kolohe, Jordy, and Julian?

    And what the fuck does “He’s the only surfer in the world with a black Red Bull sticker” mean? Kolohe’s getting special treatment? By getting a different-colored sticker??

  • NS

    Everyone knows these dudes get a ginormous pay check. I wanna see an article about the least paid tour surfers. What does Kai Otton make? Ace Buchan? Can middle-of-the-road tour surfers make enough to retire on or are they gonna be banging nails as a fall-back career? After Jay Thompson finished up on Tour he was talking about banging nails for a living…

    • Grant

      Absolute. I agree… Raoni Monterio (sic) qualified for the WCT and doesn’t have a major sponsor, can’t even afford to make to events and he has a family to feed. So there are probably a hundred or so QS surfers way way below him in the rankings who earn more than he does. He’s no Jordy or John John but the guy rips and is currently good enough to be ranked amongst the top 34.

    • Will-I-Am

      That is a great idea for an article. Crazy how the top guys are paid big & they get seeded in contests to stay on top. While the guys that just made it are paid peanuts and face a high chance of elimination in the first round of every contest.
      I am not saying the tops guys don’t deserve big coin.

    • Bronson

      Actually that was something like my first thought..

      Sure, there are a handful of guys collecting envious paychecks, but my heart goes out to the many other talended guys stuggling to make it surfing for a living.

      That said, with our South African, Jordy, making number 8, I feel a little less bummed for him when he doesn’t win.

  • Axel Foley

    And Raoni Monteiro cannot even afford tickets to contests. The surfing industry is shady, the same way that Kelly should be making as much as a top Soccer, Basketball, football player. Specially because for the amount of credibility he brought to surfing.
    Now, if we are talking net worth, I’m sure Kelly is on top, he got some sweet stocks from Quick.
    Oh well capitalism stole all of our virginity, fuck it, at least this generation is getting paid correctly.

  • zane

    what about craig anderson?

    • poopoobrown

      Received a handy from Dane in India. Priceless.

  • Benny

    It was widely reported that Slater turned down a $10m bonus from Quiksilver for winning his 10th world title and instead took a 3% stake in Quiksilver valued at $22m. Based on the annual earnings published in this article Kelly would have made more from one single bonus payment than Dane or John John have earned in their entire careers to date. As a major shareholder in Quik, Kelly is basically Dane’s boss. He could probably fire him if he wanted to.

  • Doc

    great article and a very interesting read, STAB!

  • middleWave

    The fact that Steph only earned $50K from competition the past year is a joke…

    • handyman

      Considering the women don’t have many events on tour and their surfing isn’t very exiting… I think 50k is quite reasonable.

  • Grant

    Cool article. Dane is still the man though!

  • Grant

    Lest we forget that as much as Kelly is Quksilver, Occy was Billabong for 20 plus years. Key sponsorships can make or break a brand….

  • BornStoked

    A six year old with a fantasy surfer team could have made this list. Where are the actual numbers?

  • poopoobrown

    Whaddya u reck luke stedman makes?

  • Perinaise

    fuck its not about surfing or results its about how many boardies you can sell. who cares if a no name rips harder or 10% of kolohes salary could sponsor 10 ripping surfers. its kolohe as a brand not his surfing ability

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  • Jon Ching

    @stabmag What about Ian Walsh with Red Bull……isn’t he the fourth including JOB, Brother and Kolohe?

  • Will-I-Am

    John John also has a deal with Astro Deck. I am sure he gets a little something for his signature pads.

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  • SRC

    I agree with everything, save TWO people. (1) Steph Gilmore > Taj? Women…? Cool….? I guess….? (2) Kolohe Andino… really…? He’s on this list at all? Fucking kidding me? Wow. I guess it’s no surprise that being average and having a semi-famous daddy pays… I mean look at the Kardashians, right? Don’t get me wrong– do I deserve that much money for my shitty cutbacks? Fuck no. But does Kologay? Double fuck no.

    • SRC

      God, SRC, you’re right man! I dig you! And you’re totally not lame and totally not super out of shape. God, you’re so cool! I wish I was you…

      • SRC

        Hey, thanks man! Much love.

        • SRC

          No problem! If you ever need a wingman at a TGI Friday’s in Laguna Beach, call me!

          • SRC

            Will do, hombre, keep it real!

    • matt_

      fuck you

      • SRC

        luv u babe

  • TKB

    Why the black red bull sticker?


    Im sponsored by JD sports and Burberry and I get Ends on any ciggy i want.

  • Thomas

    I surf and I am not pro and I make $4 millions a year

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