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10 Selbys You Wanna See

A Tom Fjord piece… The modern sage Diddy once sang, “How y’living, Biggie Smalls?” Todd Selby would’ve asked, “Where?” The Selby is Todd’s famous, eponymous photo blog (since book-ified) in which he squeezes his lens into the fascinating homes of fascinating folks ‘round the globe. He shoots their stuff, their space and their selves. Sometimes […]

// Mar 8, 2016
Words by stab
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A Tom Fjord piece…

The modern sage Diddy once sang, “How y’living, Biggie Smalls?”

Todd Selby would’ve asked, “Where?”

The Selby is Todd’s famous, eponymous photo blog (since book-ified) in which he squeezes his lens into the fascinating homes of fascinating folks ‘round the globe. He shoots their stuff, their space and their selves. Sometimes it’s an office or studio instead of a home, but otherwise, that’s about the lot of it. Massive flaming success.

Because we love, Stab’s hand-picked you a selection from The Selby’s scores of home galleries. These 10 men and gals are each somehow tied to the lifestyle you sip on every morning. Consider it your on-ramp to the wonderful world of Selby. Go head, stare.

Obviously, all photos courtesy The Selby.



Colin Tunstall (Co-Founder, Saturdays Surf NYC)

Besides birthing Saturdays, one of the decade’s hottest menswear acts, itself also a quad of high-end intl. surf shops in SoHo and Japan that’ve recast surfing in the eyes of NYC and people of fine taste worldwide… good heavens, what more do y’need? Colin’s full gallery here.



Erin Wasson (Model and Stylist)

Not just a top-name model for the likes of Gap and J. Crew and Rolex and Tiffany and you get the idea, Wasson had a hand in a sizzling RVCA collaboration a couple years back. (She has a hand in a sizzling line on Stab’s bucket list too but let’s just move right along.) Erin’s space, here.



George Lois (Legendary ‘60s Art Director)

To belabor a surf analogy, George Lois is the Pottz, the AI and the Dora of advertising: The brilliant, unfiltered rebel. To belabor a Mad Men reference, Lois helped drive the revolution that turned ad folks from slick, dapper Dons to irreverent rock stars. He designed some of the best magazine covers of all time on the side as well. For George’s full gallery, dive over here.



Rockaway Taco (New York Taco Joint)

Because and for no other reason than y’may surf Rockaway some day. And y’may have a hunger on. Make yourself hungry, here.



Andy Spade (Designer, Jack Spade)

Look hon, if your MacBook Pro ain’t riding dirty in a Jack Spade bag en route to the painfully hip loft/warehouse where you do painfully creative work with a team of hot under-30s like yourself, well, then, fuck you. (We kid! But get that bag.) Dig on Andy’s whole crib, over here.


Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 12.41.13 PM

Jonathan Zawada (Artist and Creative Director) 

A Sydney-based artist and designer who’s done — among mounds of other surrealist work for an equally surreal client list — the poster and DVD packaging to Kai Neville’s Lost Atlas. Oh, and around six of Stab‘s whole earlier issues. Reckunize. Mr Zawada’s full home, here.


Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 12.42.56 PM

Mike Mills (Director + Artist)

Part of the ‘90s skate/punk/art collective that included Shepard Fairey, Thomas Campbell (Sprout, The Seedling), Ed Templeton, Harmony Korine and others. Film director and graphic designer who’s done work for Sonic Youth and ODB. Photographed for The Selby on a charming little slice of Silver Lake. Mike’s whole pad, over here.



Aaron Rose (Editor/Curator, ANP Quarterly)

Editing RVCA’s art mag is about one percent of Rose’s bustling résumé. Our servers would crash if we tried to list it all. Google him. This is where creative genius sleeps.


Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 12.46.23 PM

George Gorrow (Late of Ksubi) 

Before leaving the company late last year to, officially, surf more and spend time with his wife, Gorrow was Creative Directror at Ksubi — the much loved and then much-bankrupt-and-sold-to-conglomerate-Bleach (just like Insight) Australian fashion label. Gorrow co-founded Ksubi with a crew including Oscar Wright, that one pro surfer. (Ozzie, for his part, was also shot at home for The Selby. Those photos appear in Selby’s 2010 hardcover, The Selby Is in Your Place.) A well-designed home for a designer.


Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 12.47.46 PM

Pharrell Williams (Pharrell Williams)

As perhaps the wealthiest person on our list, Pharrell’s crib — all Vuitton luggage and KAWS art — is simply worth your attention. Too, though, is Pharrell himself. He just won a Grammy for producing Frank Ocean’s joint, has a half-pipe at home, did Billionaire Boys Club, and is Pharrell Williams. Pharrell’s full home, right here.


So kids, that’s The Selby. Be inspired! In the words of our list’s George Lois, “Make your surroundings a metaphor for who you are.”


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