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Stab Recommends: Slowtide’s 5 Best Towels For Summer

Tell your ratty white bath towel: “be gone!”

Words by Zack Raffin


As a product category, beach towels were hardly something that needed innovating… that is so we thought.

Slowtide’s colorful emergence in 2015 has changed our outlook on towels from being an afterthought as we head out the door to something were excited to flex on the beach. While their range of base product’s is more than adequate for any and all towel needs (Woven, Turkish, and Quick Dry to name a few) their genius comes elsewhere. After perfecting their canvas, founders Dario Phillips, Kyle Spencer and Wylie Von Tempsky knew that to supersede the market they would need to take a fresh approach at what was otherwise a dry consumer experience. They did this in one word: collaborations.

Slowtide’s list of collaborators quite literally touches any and all aspects of one’s cultural preference. From the NBA to multiple Grammy award winning musicians to your favorite adult beverage, there is no mountain that Slowtide will not climb to enhance one’s towel experience, and for that, we thank them.

If one enjoys getting wet, then they will inevitably need to get un-wet. That being said, here’s our top 5 picks from Slowtide’s incredible range of collaborations to keep your bones dry all summer long.

Dion Quick-Dry Towel

Dion Agius’ latest film Dark Hollow was a revelation, placing him firmly in contention for 2021’s Edit Of The Year. If you weren’t one of the first 100 sign ups to Stab Premium during the release, all of which received this Nathan Kostechko emblazoned collaboration, then you’re in luck as the film’s exclusive towel is now available via Slowtide. It won’t make you look as cool as Dion (nothing will), but the Quick Dry technology is guaranteed to lighten your load on your next surf trek… wherever that may be.

Skull and Roses | Bertha

When the Slowtide crew sent a box of their Grateful Dead collaboration through our old LA office last summer Editor in Chief Asthon Goggans and I got into a physical fight over who got to keep what… and I admittedly don’t really listen to Dead and Co, they were just that good. Back for Summer ’21, clearly we weren’t the only ones who felt this way. This is all but guaranteed to sell out before July 4th, we recommend acting now and asking questions later.

February: Slowtide x JUJU

Collaborations that support charitable causes AND look good? I know we’re a surf magazine, but that’s still a home run. Slowtide partnered with Mikey and Zelti February’s foundation JUJU on the above Turkish towel and it’s oozing the bohemian style that every good beach campfire needs. Partial proceeds will go towards Waves for Change and Surf Pop.


This product is, in every sense of the term, an acquired taste. If you don’t know the feeling of cracking open one of these lion accented cans after a hard days work, you should. If you do, then I need not continue. While it may not be publicly acceptable to engage in Modelo time after your mid-morning surf, this is the next best thing… until 5 o’clock rolls around, that is.

Yellow Submarine

Does this really need explanation? It’s the muthafucking Beatles, on a towel. Their music is everything Summer should be, and while no mere mortal could ever achieve the the lived experience of the biggest band of all time, why not fly a little closer to the sun with this Yellow Submarine inspired print.


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