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No plaque in this cavity.

Watch: Creed & Ben Webb’s Y2K-Inspired Toothpick

“It feels better when you’re not sliding.”

Words by Ethan Davis
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Boards have gotten wider, flatter, and more voluminous since Y2K. 

Some would argue that since the millennium ticked over that the fattening market of epoxy, kook-boards was the ultimate scythe through the heart of core surf values. Others, generally participants in the various trends that came after it, mostly-inept to wield these cumbersome but vastly superior “core” devices, argued along the lines that investing and experimenting with surf capital was the only way for the sport to evolve, that the ancient totems of years past deserved to be left in the dust, outmoded, stripped, dead.

The latter party won this battle every time, and the former, characterized by the victors of these historic wars, were seen as fossils unable to relinquish their tired artifacts. 

Time continued its unstoppable march, the successions of new-age trends came and went. Bubbly, inflated, shiny, short-lived. Mid-lengths, resin tints, bat-tails etc. Jadedness stalking them like a shadow. Like clockwork, after suffering their inevitable humiliation, bubbles burst, the machine screeching to a halt, and like a sobering 4 AM glimpse of one’s reflection in a mirror, inspired a search within, tracing its path back from its ceaseless win-at-all-costs journey. Discarded principles, values, friends, found to be strewn by the wayside. 

Far off in the distant reaches of the time portal, barely visible, the remaining Y2K core members stand. Beaten and weathered like a pantheon pillar, but dignified in their resilience. Still sporting Von Zippers, still buying print, still talking about how good the MCD’s looked in Raw Irons.

Here, core surf revivalists, Ben Webb, son-of-iconic-shaper-Greg-Webb and Gold Coast-based ripper, and long-rail-line connoisseur, Creed Mctaggart decode the heavily encrypted Y2K wormhole algo and retrieve the outline of a classic 90’s-era toothpick.

The board fucken goes. The lines as relevant as ever. Old-school power-surfing will never feel a day old.

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