Stab Magazine | Eimeo Czermak (The Tahitian Teen We Told You To Remember) Has Been Busy During Lockdown

Eimeo Czermak (The Tahitian Teen We Told You To Remember) Has Been Busy During Lockdown

Tahiti’s youngest/newest threat is still largely unsponsored, but surfing better than ever. 

Words by stab

At the start of the year we told you to remember Eimeo Czermak’s name, so, did you? If you watched his previous clip, we’d imagine you would’ve. The 17-year old from Tahiti is continuing to improve his skillset, and despite some local lockdowns and a complete lack of competitions, Eimeo has been busy these past few months.

The above clip, ‘Unlocked’, is Eimeo’s second in six months, and is packed with what you’d expect from someone who grew up surfing in Tahitil – heaps of Teahupo’o. 

Eimeo however is capable outside of the infamous left, with the clip beginning with a flurry of playable rights and lefts for Eimeo to practice his aerials above. If the surf industry weren’t enduring troublesome times, we’d go ahead and say this young Tahitian would have a nice sticker on his boards’ nose. 

Go ahead and watch it (although I’d recommend hitting mute). 


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