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The Stab Store Is Back

Get acquainted with our latest run of tees.

news // Jul 14, 2021
Words by Zack Raffin
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Like 15’ boardshorts, quad fins, and your high school ex-girlfriend, the Stab Store has been an on-again off-again love affair for the better part of the past decade.

While our first love is and always will satiating your craving for high quality surf media, we know better than anyone that to grow, one must dip their hands into multiple jars. Winnie the Pooh didn’t get those curves from just one hive… 

For our grand return, we’ve printed a new run of tees that we believe will make your heart flutter. From old favorites like our Confetti tee to new digs like the Home Delivery tee, we feel strongly that the Stab Store has something for everyone. Black and white blanks with graphics from our inimitable Australasian designer Mr. Shinya Dalby, these tees can just as easily be worn in the surf as they can to your next nocturnal venture — something we know our audience values more than a bespoke three-piece suit.

Our tees are printed in Los Angeles and shipped by Stab Staffers from our So-Cal office. While we know this may be concerning to some, we promise to get you your order in a timely, hygienic, and environmentally friendly manner. 

Click here to peruse our latest offering (also available under the Shop tab on our homepage). Buy something, or don’t!

Oh, and for our beloved Premium Members, please enjoy 35% off our E.A.S.T. tee with the following code: EAST!


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