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Dane Reynolds Enters Hurley Pro Video Trials

Words by Elliot Struck Hey! Remember, like, last week, when the whole world couldn’t be viewed through YouTube or Vimeo? Neither can Stab! But there’s nothing wrong with watching the rawness of surfing tamed through Final Cut Pro. And over the past coupla weeks, Final Cut Pro projects (or those of similar programs) have been […]

news // Mar 8, 2016
Words by stab
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Words by Elliot Struck

Hey! Remember, like, last week, when the whole world couldn’t be viewed through YouTube or Vimeo? Neither can Stab! But there’s nothing wrong with watching the rawness of surfing tamed through Final Cut Pro. And over the past coupla weeks, Final Cut Pro projects (or those of similar programs) have been slowing down hard drives all over Orange County. And then some.

Y’see, not so long back, Hurley made it known that if you wanted to be a wildcard in their world tour event at Lowers this year, then you must submit a video of your best footage. Rules? No footage that’s been used before, and no Hurley stickers, which immediately locked out teamers like Conner Coffin, Ev Geiselman, and Carissa Moore. Carissa would’ve been an amazing presence, and unfortunately no other gals entered.

So once the video’s in, death-by-committee takes over and we, the public, decide who we’re gonna watch stick it to the 34 (and for those who dabble in such things, win or lose money on). Voting begins Monday, July 29. All you’ve gotta do is login through FB. Those with the most votes each day (by 11:59) will progress to the next round in diminishing groups each day (16, then eight, four, two, and one).

Yup, the winners are based entirely on public vote, so if you’re packing a coupla thou FB pals, then you can happily tell your contemps that skill ain’t everything in this age. So far, rumours suggest the final 16 will include Mason Ho, Albee Layer, Kalani Robb, Kanoa Igarashi, Granger Larsen and Aaron ‘Gorkin’ Cormican.

Oh, and Dane Reynolds.

We spoke to Dane about it, in fact. And below is the conversation, in surprisingly unedited excellence.

(interview by Damien Fahrenfort)

Stab: What do you think about the Hurley trials this year?
DR: I think it’s rad.

Do you think they should have it open to all local surfers at all the events? It doesn’t make sense. I don’t know why they don’t have their own team riders in the event. It sucks for the team because they don’t get a chance to get into the event. Guys like Evan Geiselman and Conner Coffin, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for them. For me, from an outside perspective, it’s rad because I’d have zero chance of getting in normally.

How much time did you put into this clip? Well I kinda just shot around California, ’cause I thought it made sense. I’ve been travelling and shooting other stuff but I didn’t really wanna use those clips for this. I mean, I thought shooting stuff around California made more sense. I’d say half the clips are from the week before last and the other half are just random shit from the last two months.

Is it all unseen footage? It has to be as part of the rules.

Any strategies to get votes? I posted it on Marine Layer.

Oh shit, you’re a shameless self promoter like the rest of us now. (Laughs) Hopefully I get in but I’ll leave it up to the people. I didn’t really know how to gauge it. Is somebody gonna drop something ridiculous or is everyone else just gonna shoot around California like I did? I mean barrels and shit aren’t gonna matter, so it might as well be shitty waves that look like a worse version of Trestles. That’s what I did.

So there was some strategy there? Yeah, I guess so.

If you could choose someone to win other then yourself who would it be? I was thinking about it. Because it’s pretty weird it’s only Americans and no Hurley riders, and pretty much everyone rides for Hurley (laughs).

No Hurley guys allowed that’s pretty savage? (Laughs) Yeah, shit, I don’t know. I was thinking maybe like Tanner G would do some cool shit, maybe even Eric Geiselman. I dunno. Who do you think?

I dunno. I thought Rob but since no Hurley guys allowed I have no idea. Maybe Richie Collins. I heard he was having a go. Really? No, that’s not true. People love Rob so I could’ve seen him in there if he could enter it.

Maybe Kalani Robb? Yeah, he’d be rad.


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