Stab Magazine | An Honest Review: A Blacked-Out, Low-Pro, Hi-Fi Leash That Won’t Let You Down

An Honest Review: A Blacked-Out, Low-Pro, Hi-Fi Leash That Won’t Let You Down

“It’s insane!” says Griff Colapinto. “Feels like nothing’s attached to my leg; no drag when paddling.”

Words by stab

Forgive the hyperbole, but there’s no understating the importance of a trusty, lightweight but strong as fuck legrope.

Over the years we’ve seen a few “innovative,” “game-changing,”world’s best” legropes come and go. The noise causing us to retreat back to whatever black comp leggy you have kicking around in your truck.

stab mag creatures superlite 4

Sometimes the most regulation objects are the most beautiful.

But let’s be real, if you’re strapping your stick to your ankle, should one be necessary (and we’re big fans of going sans leggy), your daily driver leash better stand up to a wide variety of conditions, stay securely attached to your ankle, untangled between your feet, whilst remaining above water when you need all the speed you can find.

The gents from Yallingup-based Creatures of Leisure have just released a range of the most slick, low-profile, durable yet slim, comfortable but rugged leashes we can remember wrapping around our cankles. Meet the SUPERLITE series, leashes that Griffin Colapinto claims are “Insane.” Before adding, “And really comfortable on the ankle. It feels like there’s nothing attached to my leg. There’s also no drag when paddling.”

stab mag creatures superlite copy

And, you’d be hard pressed to source a hardware tester more aesthetically pleasing that one Jack Freestone.

And we absolutely couldn’t agree more. In fact, we don’t scoff at their claim that the SUPERLITE Comp 6 leash is the lightest, most comfortable leash in the world, and admire their efforts developing the leash “specifically with custom materials for a ‘no leash feel.’ ” While the entire range is anything but bulky or overkill, we’re particularly fond of the Superlite Comp 6—a 6mm, 6ft-long “Comp Leash” featuring their proprietary TPU Cord and “DNA Flex Mould,” Surefire Leash Release, their handsome WT1 welded mesh and non-slip cuff with moulded velcro.

While we won’t mention any names, the last few years we’ve been dealt some fairly devastating blows courtesy of other new-to-market legropes (which cost us some damned beautiful shortboards Jeffreys Bay and Tahiti this year). We’ve been putting the SUPERLITE series through its paces for a few months now, and can’t imagine changing anything about the design. It’s light, secure, comfortable around the ankle, doesn’t recoil violently sending our board tail-first into our face and/or head like other “revolutionary leashes,” and generally makes us feel all warm and fuzzy every time we strap the handsome, perforated, dare we say stylish leggy on and jogging out for a session. 

You can peep the entire SUPERLITE Range here.


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