Stab Magazine | A Sequence You'll Love: Just Another Day For John Florence

A Sequence You’ll Love: Just Another Day For John Florence

Yesterday at Off The Wall. 

full frame // Dec 4, 2016
Words by stab
Reading Time: 2 minutes

One of these tunnels at Off The Wall would make most surfer’s year. The majority of us would sit and relive the peace and chaos, over and over in our minds. We’d do our best to explain the subtleties to our friends, knowing that it’s now a distant memory. And as the days move on, the feeling would be continually leaving but never gone. However, for John Florence, it’s just another day in his backyard. 

“It’s been a sort of slow winter by North Shore standards,” lensman Brian Bielmann tells Stab. “There has been a lot of wind but yesterday had some size and great conditions. I got a call from Bruce’s camp saying he was going out to Off The Wall. So I raced to get home to get my camera but the damn traffic was so bad and by the time I got there I missed his best wave. He didn’t make it out, but he got a big beast of a barrel. I was bummed, some other cool ones came through, but nothing epic. It was heavy out there, mostly closeouts with a few good waves.” 

“Then I saw Eric, John’s filmer show up. I knew JJ would be out soon and 15 minutes later he showed up, casually walked to the shore break, waited for a lull and paddled out. He was only out for five minutes before he got this one. He was sitting inside of the pack. He turned to take this little insider, it was a tricky drop at least for anyone else, he turned at the bottom and slid into this beauty. It was killer. Me and 76 other photographers shot our crazy sequences, and it ended up everyone’s best shot. But I’d like to say; I was looking right in the barrel and ended up with one of the best angles and shazam! Here it is on Stab‘s website. Geez, loueeze I love shooting John!”


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