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A source on the ground told Stab, "Azza was an absolute ripper of a bloke. Super mellow. Always out Margs. Knew the lineup. Had a crack too. He was originally for NZ. The boys reckon his leggie got stuck on the Surgeon's table and his body got wedged in a crack... If it can happen to him it can happen to anyone." Photo: Bec Sheedy-Ran @filefishbec

Tributes Pour In For Surfer Who Disappeared At Margaret River

Aaron Beveridge was last seen on Friday before sundown, swimming against a heavy current.   

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Tributes are being paid to Aaron Beveridge, a 47-year-old surfer who went missing last Friday at Surfer’s Point, the contest site of the Margaret River Pro.

Mr. Beveridge was last observed in the water around 4:35 p.m. by another surfer, who reported seeing him swimming against the heavy surf.

According to the Daily Mail, “Mr Beveridge became snared in the Surgeon’s Table. Witnesses reported seeing Mr Beveridge’s surfboard in the ‘tombstone’ position shortly before his leg rope snapped.”

Unfortunately, due to the challenging conditions, the witness was unable to offer him help.

The father-of-three hasn’t been seen since.

Photo from Facebook

Mr Beveridge was a regular big-wave storm surfer and was trained in specialist breathing techniques for emergency situations. A full sea search launched to find the 47-year-old had to be suspended due to rough weather.

Don Beveridge, Aaron’s father, shared his grief in a poignant statement on social media: “On Friday, our son, brother, father, and friend, Aaron Beveridge went for a surf in his favorite place in Margaret River. Unfortunately, he never returned. Words cannot describe the loss we are feeling at this time.”

A lineup we’re all too familiar with. Photo by Matt Dunbar/WSL via Getty Images

While the search for Mr. Beveridge continues, the hopes of a miracle are quickly expiring. The local and international surfing community has rallied to express their condolences and support for Mr. Beveridge’s family during this difficult period. Messages and tributes have flooded in, reflecting the high esteem in which he was held and the impact of his loss on the community. 

It is the second death of a surfer at the break. In 2021, 65-YO Frank Hayter died at the break in 2021 after his leg rope became caught on a reef.

Stab extends its deepest condolences to friends and family affected by the loss.

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