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You, Me And the Golden Light

The intoxicatingly cosmic vibes of Splendour In The Grass illuminated Byron Bay last weekend. Stab rolled in for the good times and took Taj Burrow, Craig Anderson and Soli Bailey along for the ride. We stayed in the kinda breezy, magnificent Byron Bay house that you dream about in the depths of winter. It was directly opposite the Top Shop and offered a view that tourists would gift freshly-exchanged money for. Location considered, we couldn’t help but host an intimate pre-game soiree before swanning into the festival site. There was plenty of surfing too, since Tallows was exactly four stop-n-go’s from the balcony, and especially because, well, Taj and Craig and Soli!

Which brings us to You, Me and the Golden Light, a Stab x Carlton Dry joint about how to enjoy Splendour In The Grass. It’s a glance at the sunshine in our rearview mirror, three minutes of motion footage to sharpen the blur.

Film / Edit: Harry Triglone
Sound: Lille Søte Svanse by Hubbabubbaklubb (Death Strobe Records)

  • BigPhatNose

    Is that Danny Fuller @ 1:17?

    • Guest

      Didn’t miss much, except for Surfing Caba…. as long as everyone keeps trying…

    • Anthony Arnold

      and chris ward at 1:40

  • Single Fin

    that was hilarious

  • lordoss

    that guy boogying down at about 1:45 totally looks like a shaper.

    • dropwallet

      yeah shaper of male dildos

    • Telling it like it is

      Real men DONT dance.

  • David Van Rensburg

    am i the only one bored with frog hops ?

  • justin bieber

    this blows

  • Evo Surf

    Didn’t miss much, except for Surfing Caba…. as long as everyone keeps trying..

  • guess

    get a life

  • julian

    i cringed few times watching that

  • Tom Shannon

    that was just a commercial for carlton dry

  • b-dog

    what the hell did i just watch?

  • Ivan

    Do I give a I give a I..oh no I don’t !

  • noodles

    holy f@ck this hipster cringe fest is getting out of hand… byron is dead! in fact Oz has turned into a hipster retirement home!

  • now a sleepy man

    boooooo that was poooooo

  • Guest

    Meanwhile, whilst Oleema is on another continent…

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