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Yadin Nicol, Telos-pop musik, Indonesia

Yadin Nicol, pictured here, is currently in the Telos with Andrew Doheny, Alex Gray, Zeke Lau, and a man who just returned from injury (just as Yadin did some months ago), Dusty Payne. Tom Carey, photographer, is covering the whole thing from land and sometimes, like he has here, from water. Tom says the waves have been extremely fun so far and that there’s a solid swell on the way. The joys of scoring a variety of waves in a small window of time!

Photographer profile

Tom Carey

Tom Carey is, like, 31 years young. Things may change when he’s older, but for now he ain’t shot much he digs: “I get sick of looking at stuff,” he says. “But, I guess the first remote flash shot I had run of Nate Yeomans was pretty epic. People probably wouldn’t remember. But it was a game-changer to me.” That says a lot about Tom. He does things for himself and he’s honest. Just ask him about being ripped off by the industry: “Everyone wants to skim a few dollars off you. Its not coming out of their pockets but it’s sure as hell coming out of ours.” And since he was so thrilled to answer, Stab’s gotta include Tom’s fav retired shooters: “I love this question. No one asks it anymore. Maybe Chris Van Lennep. I don’t know, the list could go on. Tony Roberts f’sure. His shots really inspired me. His angles in the water were so ahead of his time.”

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