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While You Were Sleeping | Bite Size!

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Bank Vaults with size

Posted 8 days ago, by STABmag

When you do a boat trip to the Mentawais, you'll leave from Padang Harbour and when you wake up, you'll be in the Playgrounds area. It's the closest surf spot to port. There are some more chubby, entry-level waves but Bank Vaults here is the most serious and most consistent wave in the area. The recent run of swell is tackled by... read more

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I Love Taylor

Posted 8 days ago, by STABmag
Knox it outa the park.
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West Oz: Mick, Owen & Wilko

Posted 8 days ago, by STABmag
Come dance.
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Donavon Frankenreiter’s Tour in Japan.

Posted 9 days ago, by STABmag
The man's got fans.

2014 Hurley Pro Video Trials

Posted 9 days ago, by STABmag

We ain’t in the business of telling you things you already know, but incase you didn’t get the memo, the Hurley Pro Video Trials is a thing again, a big thing, and today is the last day to enter. If that wasn’t enough to elevate your heart rate, the top 16 entries will be announced on July 22. Shit, that’s like next week... read more

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Empire Now

Posted 9 days ago, by STABmag

New York currently has more good surfers as residents than any other time in its history. Obviously, you're aware of Balaram Stack but guys like Leif Engstrom and Kurt Rist are also pretty handy. This new film promises a fast paced thriller alongside its surf action. And, yes, this edit features some pals   so don't get freaked... read more

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Blue Deja Vu

Posted 10 days ago, by STABmag
France on fire.
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John John Florence stars in Interpol’s new music video

Posted 14 days ago, by STABmag

NYC post-punkers Interpol just dropped the clip for their newest jam, All The Rage Back Home, and it features John John Florence. Not in the sense that John John plays the young love interest a la Ev Geiselman's foray into the music-vid world, but in the sense that Interpol's management acquired some stock surf action clips to ... read more


Luke Egan, Bruce Beach and Tom Ruiz launch Depactus

Posted 16 days ago, by STABmag

When you read Stab’s Gossip Girl column last week, you were informed of Bruce Beach, Luke Egan and Tom Ruiz’s new San Clemente-based brand launching at the Agenda tradeshow in Long Beach on July 10. Said venture now has a name: Depactus. It’s an adventure-inspired label going after the waterman market. They do not have tea... read more

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Paddleboarder surfs over shark

Posted 16 days ago, by STABmag
Could've been worse.

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