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While You Were Sleeping | Bite Size!

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How to land an air drop

Posted 9 days ago

Nakoa Decoite is an absolute badass when it comes to stomping wild ol’ airdrops at Jaws. So, who better to talk you through doing such a thing? Don’t try this at home, but if you are going to, then follow Nakoa’s tips.

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Dave Rastovich wins the Surfing Champions Trophy

Posted 10 days ago

“If I knew contests could be this much fun, I probably would’ve been a contest guy," said 35-year-old Dave Rastovich after winning the Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy 2014 over Taylor Knox. "But, I don’t there’s any other event that’s like this one.” We love Rasta, still doing his thing so perfectly, ... read more

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Home comforts

Posted 10 days ago

The only thing worse than Monday is when it comes with footage like this. Salt in the wounds for gents who got shit waves all weekend. Well played, Hugh Morris. Your buttery barrels win this round.

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Derrick Disney: Rodena

Posted 12 days ago

Warning: This might not be your usual amped up rip clip but there ain’t no denying the smooth style of Derrick Disney. If the waves aren’t firing this weekend then watch this, grab a log and get that body jiving.

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Target supports the laydeez

Posted 13 days ago

It's easy to cash in on seeeeeeerf! Get yourself a bikini gal, load her up with company-created hashtags, some stickers for prominence on legitimised surf craft and watch her fly socially. Weeee! There's something about real support too, probably, and about putting skin in the game. Target have just backed the women's world to... read more

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Joel Ford doing jumps

Posted 13 days ago

Here’s Joel Ford jumping off waves to the sounds of Ozzy Osbourne, shot and cut by Aidan Stevens. There’s some very big hangers in here.

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Ian Gouveia: California

Posted 14 days ago

Ian Gouveia is apart of the new Brazilian reign. He’ll probably be on tour soon and taking scalps like the rest of his compadres. Here he is in California doing his thang.

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Whiskey throttle

Posted 16 days ago

This is certainly an unconventional launching mechanism, but you’re on holidays, you can do whatever the fuck you want. We’d like to assume the lady in this clip was okay, but we highly doubt it.

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Seal just wants to surf

Posted 17 days ago

A seal pup dives onto the front of your board, what do you do? What, do, you do?!?!

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Kyle Galtes gets super summer-busy

Posted 17 days ago

Who’s Kyle Galtes? This be another short piece to lighten the mystery. Well deserved data usage.