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Ain’t That Swell Season 2: Episode 2

Posted 11 days ago, by STABmag

“As the candle light vigils continue outside Quiksilver stores the world over, Ain't That Swell examines the groundbreaking split between the greatest surfer of all time, Kelly Slater and his longterm sponsor Quiksilver. Is it just a case of new beginnings? A new business opportunity? Or does modern day anti-monsanto Kelly ne... read more

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Soli Bailey wins Rangiroa Pro Junior

Posted 11 days ago, by STABmag

Soli Bailey just won the 2014 Rangiroa Pro Junior and says hello to spot number one on the ASP Australasia Junior Qualifying Series Rankings. The dreamy French Polynesian setup was about as good as junior surfing gets, and with young gents as good as Soli and runner up Kai Hing in the finals, it’s hard not to whistle the “fu... read more

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Slade prestwich: South Africa

Posted 11 days ago, by STABmag

They grow em big in Africa! A load of red meat and an endless supply of righthand point breaks teach 'em how to wet the rail the right way. Remember the Volcom Fiji Pro last year? Slade took out the world's best juniors for a quick $20k. Enough Rands to be the prince of South Africa. He also took out Mr Reynolds in the Australi... read more


Twiggy Baker and Vissla will make music together

Posted 14 days ago, by STABmag

Grant 'Twiggy' Baker is the new Big Wave World Champion. And, he has a new sponsor in Vissla. Shit, does life get any better for a big wave surfer? Yeah, it does. His gal is a South Africa Playmate. But, anyhow: "The newly crowned 2014 Big Wave World Tour champion has been successful all over the map this year. Literally, all o... read more

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Kelly Slater, Rincon

Posted 15 days ago, by STABmag

This is Kelly Slater wearing Quiksilver wetsuits when he was still contractually-obligated to.

And, a question. What kind of rubber will KS now wear? No one does wetsuits quite like a surf co. Who really does make the best suits in the world?

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Cody Thompson: Puerto Rico

Posted 15 days ago, by STABmag

This ain’t your usual edit fromm Cody Thompson. The floridian has a pretty tight air game and since bouncing back from a knee injury Cody decided to spend some time working on his rail game. Work seems to be paying off and he has product this lovely edit of nothing but turns. Bold but beautiful.

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Paul Fisher’s magic wand at Snapper

Posted 16 days ago, by STABmag

Here’s the latest Fishtales clip you didn’t know you needed to see: Paul Fisher brings his phallic surfboard to the Quiksilver Pro, points it at Kelly Slater, and does all the other Paul Fisher-esque things you don’t wanna admit that you love.

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Cote’s Cube.

Posted 17 days ago, by STABmag

Majority of you might give Cote a lot of heat but the 4’11 californian has some serious charisma. He keeps the fun in surfing and we need more people like him the game. In this edition of Cote’s Cube he grabs Sherm and Damo Hobgood to give us the inside scoop on Margaret River and why its comparable to a fungus.

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Two days ago in Northern NSW

Posted 22 days ago, by STABmag

Warm water and chunky little reefs are so rare. Slabs and full suits are just so boring. This is a northern NSW version that currently has too much sand sitting off the end, causing difficulty rides. Eli Olson, Kelly Slater, Dean Morrison and Koa Rothman have a swing all the same. And, check the last wave of Kelly. The gent sure... read more

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Two days in WA with Ash Ward

Posted 22 days ago, by STABmag

A very self-explanatory title! This really is Ash Ward over two days in WA! If you don’t dig slow-mo, this ain’t your party.


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