Californian Curiosity Leads To Canadian Delight

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Californian Curiosity Leads To Canadian Delight

"Canada has always held a sense of intrigue for me," wrote Braden Jones in an email accompanying the above vid. "So I decided to get together a motley crew of surfers from up and down the California coast to make the trek. With our 5/4 gear in tow, we were looking forward to escaping the crowds and getting into a colder, wilder element of the Pacific coastline."

Striking the town of Tofino, the group consisting of Timmy Reyes, Austin Neumann, Vinny Leonelli, Braden Jones, Sean Woods and local Pete Devries enjoyed the thrills of the areas rugged landscape, wildlife presence and sometimes exceptional wave quality, all of which you can enjoy in the above edit.


"This was one of the best waves that came in all day. Everyone was standing by their campfires trying to fight off the cold and I had been out for five hours straight. I couldn’t feel my hands or feet at this point, then a set of perfect waves finally came through that made the near hypothermia every bit worth it."