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Whiplash x Taj

On his Mayhem Whiplash model, Taj Burrow won the Quiksilver Pro, Snapper Rocks and the O’Neill Cold Water Classic, Santa Cruz. In their first full year walking together, they’re results that shaper Matt Biolos says “more than speak for themselves.” He ain’t wrong. There’s a reason why Matt’s boards are under the feet of a large amount of pros, and especially when the tour rolls into California, where Matt’s based. Now Taj has gone full time Mayhem, and he looks better than ever (see footage above). For the tech breakdown, read on!

“Using the classic Whiplash model as a starting point, this board has now become the most refined and streamlined design in our line,” says Matt. “Based off TB’s winning board from Snapper, it is a relatively low volume board, with continuous rocker (to fit wherever TB wants to go on the wave) and deep concaves (for lift and the speed to get there). A relaxed central rocker maintains speed and carry through the flats, while hyper-extended tail kick in the last 16” and a moderately lifted nose keep the board free, loose and responsive. The outline also has an aggressive, continuous curve, cutting out all the unneeded surface area, thus no hip or bump in front of the fins that most of our boards feature. The nose, while not as needle or narrow as in the past, is still pulled enough to not get in the way of TB’s fast, critical, tight radius turns. Although not for everyone, this board is relatively easy to ride and is best for younger and fitter surfers who are above average, have no problem creating their own speed, and surf regularly in punchy beach or decent quality point breaks and want to surf as critical and radical as possible.”

  • Saxxy

    After watching John’s ‘Done’ film, I feel sorry for every other surfer on the planet with the exception of Mr Reynolds.

    • Hans Hedemann is out there

      I assume John Done is the guy who filmed this? If he is…then I agree with you. IF he isn’t….then I probably still agree.

    • really

      Done has been released!??

    • JJF

      What about DROID?

    • bill bunter

      i think you mean departure delayed you spud.. done aint been released yet

  • Louie

    I have ten very important things to say about this and I’m going to say them right now:

    1. Taj rides a board with continuous rocker, which is next to impossible for most surfers.
    2. Taj rides a board that is so lean and “bananad out” that it goes to show how much of a ripper he is. He generates speed without effort.
    3. With all the hype around the new guys, there is a reason why Taj is a top rated surfer year after year after year.
    4. The surfing in this video never goes out of style.
    5. Taj is pretty fuck*** epic.
    6. Matt Biolos…I must say is warming up to me. He makes pretty sick boards. In that past I thought the lost scene was pretty lame.
    7. Firewire must not like this video.
    8. Jordy’s nipples are still way out of alignment, which may have something to do with his ability to make speed.
    9. Klohe’s underwear line is not being recieved well by the surf community to the point where Stab has closed comments, thus making Klohe even more of a target. Mike Parsons better get on that and start doing some damage control.
    10. If the Volcom Fiji pro is actually official, which is looks like it is, please find new commentators. I cannot handle that again.

    • really

      Dave Wassell is the best commentator ever! Put him on full-time

      • john tranny

        I’ve got one of the biggest cocks ever?

        • Minicok

          Yeah Sure! If you’re an ant, that is…

    • JJF

      Dane is a better surfer, but not as crisp as Taj.
      Subtle difference

  • The sandman

    As a fin conocer and a bit of a collector of the pretty bloody things and owner of a lot that do not work for me I just realised that I have never wondered or really been aware of the fins Taj uses.
    Looks like most in that clip were glassed in, but anyone know what type of Fcs/whatever he rides??

    • stabaland

      conocer is to 2013 what repitwa was to 2012

      • john tranny


    • Finman

      Good question surprised there has been no Taj signature fin.

    • ratsass

      ‘conocer’ is spanish for ‘to know.’ as in, ‘you don’t conocer shit.’

      • YD

        The correct word is “connoisseur”, and it’s a french word.

        • The sandman

          Thanks YD will be sure to update my spell check and the rest of you can go fuck a COW.

        • Minicok

          Nope, the french word is connaisseur, but anglo saxon weren’t able to pronounce it…As a matter of fact, they aren’t able to pronounce connoisseur either, let alone writing it!

          • YD

            Both are correct.

        • stabland

          And connoisseur is to 2013 what repitwa was to 2012

  • Stab Comms

    OK, we will start working on #9 and 10. We don’t know how to approach #8, so we are open to suggestions for that one.

    • nip broker

      Well Bobby Martinez has lots of free time on his hands. Ask to rent his dog for 30 min?

  • pamela

    how about the oakley bali pro.. is that still happening? get blow emerton the contest director on the line

  • thommo

    did taj win pIPE, CHOPES, or any other wave that isnt flat faced??

    Taj get some tokoros/pangs for real waves. you look ..lost in the tube

    • Nick

      I don’t know you, but I understand that you are quite dumb and controversial. Putting that aside, you should recognize that fact that Taj is extra skilled because he can flow so smoothly on a flat faced wave with such a rockered out board. In addition to this, Taj is a loyal bloke for riding one board brand instead of whoring out ten companies like Jordy does. Board companies are at the mercy of the pros, as there are rarely exclusive deals. I suggest you stop talking and experience some raggae beats or something.

    • jimmy

      Won pipe and 2nd at chopes twice you jackass

    • H
    • BarrelSummers

      Ever seen him at Tombies, big Rabbits, Norths, Supers? Obviously not.

    • fuck thommo

      he actually won pipe once (smalish though)
      fuck you anyway

  • you retard

    ah yes he did win PIPE kook

  • dewgun

    the surfing in that clip was better than anything parko did this year

    • truth

      the surfing the that clip was better than anything you did this year

      • dewgun

        of course it was,i’m not a pro surfer

  • You’re a douche

    this year only just started

    • dewgun

      really?..u couldnt do any better than that?

  • Peter sackings

    I know a better surfer than taj, jordy, John John, Dane all those guys. He surfs a secrect wave in Orange County calif. but you won’t ever hear of this person because he is elusive, has severe autism and extreme social anxiety.. He is the man. And loves to smoke the crip

    • JJF

      Orange County? .. the fuck is that.

    • Yoda

      A secret wave in Orange County? That’s about as likely as porn star being a virgin….

  • food

    Taj uses SOAR glass on’s, same size as FCS PC-5’s

    Also, I have seen Taj in the tube at Rabbits and he is NOT lost

  • leo Welnick

    hahahaha this thread is the shit;
    1) Top five legit pros that didn’t give a shit. Curren, Ward, Nathan not noodles, Davo, Mr. Reynolds.
    2.) Top 5 worst commentators: D. Stunkfield. Sal Masekela, shmooo, thats enough of that.
    3.) top person who just won’t die. T. HOMO

    • truth

      leo = kook

  • Spitball

    Taj continues to improve and that is pretty amazing. Too bad he spent ten years wedded to a board design that handicapped his performance. The twitchyness is gone and the air game is modern and solid. Should be good for a few more top five placings.

  • Wilbur Kookmeyer

    Taj is a great surfer, definitely top 5 in the last decade or so, with all the moves. But his surfing is a little ‘flicky’ compared to the other legends. I’d love to see him performance surf big waves like AI did.

  • igor gouveia

    no way that wave was a 9+ over adriano, the reverse in the foam was so shit, how that can came close to a PERFECT score.

  • TBoring

    One of the most over rated surfers ever doesn’t touch the other top surfers of his generation i.e Andy, Parko, Slater or even Mick who is fairly over rated also, certainly doesn’t deserve two world titles in my humble opinion and I’m glad Taj has never won one, deserves his place on the CT more than a lot of people but certainly shouldn’t be in the top 10.

    • jimmy

      You are incredibly stupid and obviously a kook

      • jorel

        And you are obviously blind.

  • Nev

    hi welcome to surfing :) For those who have been following the sport longer than yesterday, WILL REMEMBER TAJ’s PIPE MASTER WIN WAS ON A FIREWIRE AND HE DIDNT EVEN GET BARRELLED IN THE FINAL you dumb ozzie 12 year ol.

    • jimmy

      He got plenty of barrels on the way to the final when it was 6-8ft and pumping ( beat Bruce in flawless conditions). Final was slop, not his fault.

  • mp

    I reckon he surfed better on Firewires, the ranking at the end of the year flatter Taj somewhat, there’s no way he beat Adriano on the Gold Coast and I ain’t a big fan of Adriano. Although good to see Taj on film not beating his board up!

  • Frankie
  • wyatt

    ripping the bagdaddas out of it nomaly, well done son!

  • jp

    taj is gonna win snapper again then everyone is gonna say its his year and hes gonna choke, then when hes outta the race, he will win another event. standard. but faaark he rips.

  • jp

    oh and thommo’s an idiot.

  • israel

    50% of all MAYHEMS sales go to wiping PALENSTINE off the FACE OF THE EARTH!!

    • Thereisnogodthatcouldlovethisworld

      Whoa! Mixing politics and imaginary friends that live in the clouds with surfing!? Heavy.

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