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#TourNotes: Gold Coast

Hey, you wanna know about professional surfing? Hurley’s latest #TourNotes gives a really raw insight into the back end of a world tour event, through the eyes of their new superteam, which includes Julian Wilson, Brett Simpson, Filipe Toledo, Carissa Moore, Kolohe Andino and, with the best pre-heat stretching technique, John John Florence.

  • ACE

    Brett Simpson is now friends with Kia Otton ,Travis Logie an Glen Hall

    • .

      fuck your annoying and not even slightly funny bro.

    • bob

      You spell Kai wrong ever comment. Go troll some other site you loser

      • Badmandril

        Yeah beat it this site is for locals and lexicon rippers only. You only respond to scraps like small brand videos and don’t even think about using a false alias or we will type about. This site needs to be more exclusive with a VIP section. I am tired of all these barns who don’t know what they are talking about showing up and thinking it is ok to make first comment or any comment.

  • why you tube??

    shit. another you tube clip.

    • TH

      Yer Stab, can you fuck these youtube clips off! Most people work during the day, but every now and then, like me, we jump onto Stab and check some stuff out. But lately, we cant!! cause the last million video’s have been Youtube. Youtube is blocked in about 80% of workplaces, shit I know, but thats the situation. Now ive gota get back to working……

      • barack

        stop working, start community organizing

  • jeff

    Damn, Simpo’s chick is fine

    • truth

      Dane could take notes.

  • new song

    is john john actually hooking taylor

  • nice girl

    carissa is genuinely smart and nice

  • t

    ehh what did you say Filipe…

  • chumpcity

    learn english

    • Shitcity

      Learn a language.


    I fucking hate that two stripe thing hurley has going on shorts and wetsuits… its fucking lame and you all look like your apart of some kinda creepy boyband cult!! if you really think your a rad designer cause u put two stripes on your boardies then your kindding yourself… i cant wait till next year when hurley are forced to drop all of these idiots except (JJF/JULIAN/FILIPE/CARISSA)

    • Marcus

      Those trunks were sick until every pro on tour started rockin them

  • pipeline hero

    taylor swift is so annoying please dont JJF

  • Bob

    Tooooo much Hurley make it stop !!!

  • brackets

    )( everywhere

    • Capt. obvious

      you realise this was put out by hurley, right?

    • KS



  • Penis baby

    Ace Buchanan is the best in the video , the way he sticks his bum out on turns is cute

    • ???

      who the fuck is ace buchanan

    • ???

      who the fuck is ace buchanan

      • truth

        the guy who surfs 1000 times better than you

  • Gerr’s Lovechild

    How many people are currently getting paid to hang-around and ‘support’ these ‘athletes’ ???

    What do these washed-up has-beens actually do? …handjob JJ?

    Fark me!

    • TM

      Team managers.

      • )(

        Team managers are important to team managers.

  • Slightly Stoopid

    Can only be a matter of time before this team gets seriously cut. can only imagine what their current payroll is looking like.

  • asadsfgerg


  • asadsfgerg

    On a kinda related note…. the heats on demand screen layout is absolutely fucked. You need to scroll down every time you want to choose a ride or check the scores. If you scroll down so that you can see all the scores, you only see the bottom half of the screen. Is whoever designs those pages even checking them at all? So fucken painful to use. They were fine when they first started but they changed them and now they are fucked.

    • Fark Off

      Fuck mate are you joking. First world problem for you is it? Get over it

    • potbelly jim

      heats on demand is such an awesome innovation yet you’ve found a way to complain about it…

      its like wifi on planes, when they introduced it everyone was like “this is fuckin awesome” but as soon as it cuts out its the end of the world.

  • michael

    Go USA!! Hurley best team ever!

  • robocop

    cant wait for the goofy v regular comp in april

  • The Aristocrat

    While Filepe plays video games during lay days, Kelly is reading Chomsky.

  • lebron james

    Can somebody please tell me what the fuck ‘the mad huey’ is? I don’t live in OZ, and by looking at their terrible fucking website, I was left even more confused. Looks like some mid-90’s emerging action sports brand ran by alcoholics..

    • fatc

      theyre a crew of fools who fish, as in angling.

  • no!!

    kelly and carissa wear the same gay hat… somebody needs to burn those fucking things

  • richard woolcock

    i think hurley is the new quik. too big not to fail?

  • richard woolcock

    and do they only make one pair of shorts?? should use taiwan labor, they can pump out 3 kinds.

  • If you’re gonna be dumb, you better be tough

    So Kelly is reading a book written by a moron? Good on him. I’d go with Felipe’s hobby anytime.

    Coming from a third world country, I can only laugh at the misplaced ideias coming from guys like Chomsky or Michael Moore.

    Please go live with us for a while then, and only then, go write something that you think you know about the problems of world.

    • say something that means something

      you better be tough then, because you are clearly dumb.

    • say something that means something

      michael moore is a moron yes, chomsky is not. read a book and stop crying

      • Fuck something

        Go suck his dick, then, smartass.

        • tard

          I will wait till you finish.

  • truth


  • If you’re gonna be dumb, you better be tough

    I thought that Chomsky wrote trash, not books.
    Thanks for the tip.

    Now I have to go, I got to buy my new Guevara shirt.

  • joe hurley

    Is hurley everwhere? nah wak

  • OMG

    tell us what going on with JJ and Taylor swift… and Makua and Lindy!! FOR REALZ STAB GET YA PAP ON AND GET US THE SCOOP ON BOTH

  • da pooey

    I bet A.I is turning in his grave if the rumors are true

  • da pooey

    I bet A.I is turning in his grave if the rumors are true

  • kona coffee co.

    Brett Simpson does California proud, and his girl is smoking!

    P.S Get Pat’O some coffee, he looks haggard trying to manage half of the world tour

  • Spitball

    Chomsky is every bit as much of an idiot as michael Moore. But the useful idiots of the world eat this shit up. Fucking pathetic.

    • loser

      quoting tool trying to sound smart… cockbreath

  • Andy’s ghost

    Who hasn’t fucked Taylor swift at this point? Jj is just cock of the week.

  • NorthSideKook

    Never buying anything )( EVER AGAIN

    • )(

      No buy )( .. .you have to support them .. blah blah blah… there a real surf company .. blah blah blah.. buy into our brainwashing ..

  • jay

    you are all a bunch of fags

  • BILL

    Sorry Kai Forgotten for the spelling mistake in reference to ur first name , i think i got right now mate!

  • truth


  • Aussiegay

    GO MEDINA!! show the pales who’s the man and don’t forget to pump some Aussies chick as they don’t get that very often from the wans

    • racist

      light-skinned > dark-skinned

      • Aussiegay

        your mum would disagree – for sure!

    • henry

      Gone Medina..sorry… daft racist.

  • Aussiegay

    I’m taller than Bed Durbidge…. this kid is so gay and dam lol

  • what did i just watch

    board looks good mate… thanks, stoked on it. was that meant to be funny or….

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