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Through The Lens With Rob Machado – Taka’s Treehouse

Before you dive in, be aware: This ain’t exactly light viewing. But, it is very powerful and most certainly worth watching. Almost three years on from the earthquake and tsunami that levelled a good chunk of Japanese coastal settlement, the devastation is still well and truly being felt. But, the clouds have some silver linings. In the new episode of Through The Lens with Rob Machado, Rob visits the amazing country and pays a visit to a man called Taka, who built a treehouse for children in the most affected area.

For more information, visit the Rob Machado Foundation over here.

  • Bolivia

    cool piece by rob and company. hes a pretty down to earth dude it seems. anyone here met him before?

    • poopoobrown

      Yep. He dropped in on me 6 year old son at Seaside, then banged my wife.

    • Reason

      yeah, after sharing waves at pipes, he invited me over to his house. at first i was a little nervous, because its rob fucking machado, but after eating some acai, and smoking a little reffer, I realized i was in good company. after we ate and smoked, we then boarded his van. we picked up steerling spencer and headed down to mexico for some good waves. nothing crazy. just 2-3 ft surf. so to answer your question, he is very *down to earth*


  • Waldo

    Could be the editing but Machado seems boring. Seen him around a bunch in Cardiff area. Then his wife bailed him and now he is…well, boring.

  • Stu Azole

    Robs what happens when uneducated pro surfers get old. Zzzzzzzzz.

  • StuartS

    The guy uses his fame to draw attention to a cause that he is clearly passionate about. I thought it was pretty cool. But maybe I’m just getting old…..

  • jim simonsen

    Bravo Mr Machado and friends on a fine piece.

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