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The Gods Are Happy!

And now Stab has the pleasure of presenting an exclusive digital short starring Kelly Slater, citizen of the world and spiritual leader of the dream tour. These are what you might call lost files, captured during one of Kelly’s various Indo stints last year, kinda on assignment for Quiksilver, mostly on assignment for getting on the inside. This trip started in similar fashion to most of Kelly’s trips: One hundred phone calls, 30 hours of travelling, touchdown, straight onto swell maps to find where it’s gonna be on. He spent four days in Bali, maxing-out filmer’s memory cards, getting poached by amateur shooters, but also calculating which fickle spots would be on. After a coupla days around the mainland, the clique jumped on a boat with Riz Tanjung navigating, and headed to a secret village where coconuts and lobster are less than a dollar. There were no other white men there and the waves were happening.

Tom Jennings was on hand with focused lens and considered eye. What you’ll see above are the fruits of the team’s labours. Kelly served straight up, no jersey, no bullshit. What else y’want for a mid-week hit?

  • dashhound

    That turn at 1.09 is crazzzzzzzy !

    • Yep

      Can’t imagine anyone else getting into the sort of body positions that he does, freakish

      • badbad

        Having a double jointed back helps along with being one with ocean

  • Jimmy J

    I don’t want to say it but he is still the best by a mile…..

    • Fanboy

      All I can think about after watching this is how many good years AI had ahead and how much Kelly benefitted from the rivalry against AI.

  • Manbearpig

    i wish he had a film guy with him more often turning out these web clips…..guy seriously is the once and future king

    • Axel Foley

      you know, with these kids flooding the net with less than average surfing clips, if Kelly droped a video every week he would make 95% of surfers look amateur . The is by far years ahead of everybody else.

      • Chris Binns

        95% of surfers ARE amateur.

        • badbad

          Kelly makes 95% of pro surfers look like amateurs

          • Axel Foley


        • Axel Foley

          broah. C’mon you know what I’m talking about. The guys that put a freaking stick on their surfboard, get some money to do it, have an above average surfing skill, and post crappy surfing clips online. Those are “sponsored amateurs”

  • billy

    freak on a leash

  • BC

    sweet baby jesus!

  • tunerbowl

    pretty fucking hard to watch….

  • Pat f


  • tomdog

    thats fucked

  • Ivan

    Yee good clip, funny music too

  • Schizo, the escapist

    The Gods are happy or ‘the’ god is happy?! LOL!

  • Scott Nakachi

    Most remarkable thing about Kelly is that he can keep up with the kids. That one blowtail grab to reverse a la Dane Reynolds is a perfect example of how KS keeps extending the age barrier.

  • Luca

    The King. Still the best, but…

    Did Kelly get burned by a little kid (2.08)?

  • swaggerdan

    i dont think you could have better surfing and shittier music

  • Sebastian Lozano Diaz

    Hands down he is THE KING! The one surfer who seems to never loose that pure stoke!

  • Bro, you out there?

    horrible song

  • Don Julio

    Kelly is the king when it comes to raw talent, technical ability, and the ability to win contests in all types of conditions.

    However, when it comes to style…….you never hear KS being mentioned as one of the icons of style in the sport (like Gerry Lopez, Tom Curren, Rob Machado, Parko, Joel Tudor, Bruce, etc). His surfing as always seemed forced in my opinion and when growing up, I would always fast-forward his sections in the Taylor Steele movies to watch Shane Dorian, Kalani Robb, and Taylor Knox.

    • Michael Taylor

      You’re in the minority

  • Bronson

    Surfing masterclass from the man himself – gotta love how vertical he gets in the pockets and destroys that lip on re-entry – an amazing combination of grace, finesse and power

  • Spooner

    was the song chosen to make sure we remember he’s old?

  • Michael Taylor

    Look how healthy he looks in that one water shot. Next clip he just rips the bag out of it.

  • Captain Haddock

    That little kid who dropped in on him? He gonna be telling that story for years to come.

  • middleWave

    anyone out there disagree that kelly keeps getting better with age…?

    • kooooook


  • Backstagesexblog

    this guy is laughing at him

    • Ivan

      They are pretty much laughing together in fact. Robbing titles for about 20 years and knowing you’ll be the next title robber is pretty funny I reckon

  • mike lyons

    holy crap!! he is unsurpassed period!!!must be nice …hurry up winter!

  • Hutch

    he should have surfed the same quad at lowers this year, he would have been way more powerful!!!

  • Woody

    THE KING! Not human.

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