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A Onesie? Now ain’t that riding on the rocket of a dubious trend. But the thing with Rusty is how good they are at taking something super left-field and investing it with a surprising cool. This three-piecer comprises a trunk, a shirt and a bucket hat. A can of poisonous Emu Expert was included in the package, a nod to the peculiarities of Western Australia, home of Rusty.

Stab: What are some of the awesome details you might not see on the page about the surprisingly attractive Onesie?
Ash: We tested and filmed The Onesie on Josh Kerr when Chopes was on. He loved it. He got some fun waves and managed to keep the bucket hat on the whole time he was in the water. It was funny watching the footage for the first time back in the office, seeing Kerrzy surfing in a full Onesie get-up with a bucket hat on. It was weird and it was rad.

How long was the build and how many hands did it go through? The last Stab short was so unique, being built and dyed in-house, it made it really hard to put it into production and achieve the same uniqueness so we decided to produce this year’s trunk offshore. This short started out as a marketing exercise and has grown into a unique fit and concept that Rusty wants to claim and has been developed into our Summer 2014 range. Construction of the short took three weeks to see a prototype in-house then additional time for sampling.

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  • Reuben Spurge

    “surf” and “onesie” in the same sentence? Rusty has my vote…

  • Johnny Yewwtah

    haha pretty sure every label under the sun is rocking a matching set of threads just now. even those fruity dingbats at zanerobe have been wearing twin sets in public for a year now. nice to see rusty has now ‘claimed and developed into your 2014 range’

  • Soul Surfer

    is it just me or is the stitching on this trunk a bit rusty?


    the worst! by soooo far!

  • Lazlo

    All you need is gold chains and you’ll be pimpin!

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