Pioneers of the short trunk, at least in the modern era.

My memory ain’t what it used to be but I sure to do remember an early issue of Stab (2004) featuring what felt, at the time, like the craziest thang ever – trunks that hung just above the knee. Rhythm! And we leapt aboard that train!

And one thing that defines Rhythm is its continuing contribution to the art of the surf trunk. These "adventure" trunks came in an army-green duffel with a bottle of Maker’s Mark for slinging into your gourd around the campfire. Y’can even pack these trunks inside their own back pocket when y’done! Such utility!

Stab: How long did they take to build and describe the construction process?
Jacob: Not too long actually. I was on a pretty tight deadline wrapping up another collection. Luckily the concept had already been brewing before I was asked to create them so it was a matter of sitting down and thinking of everything practical for the Ultimate Adventure trunk. I did mock-up a few versions with floral prints but decided to keep it simple as the trunk is about experimenting with functionality. Once the concept was final. It was a matter of sourcing the right fabrics, trims and developing the pattern.

Y’make ‘em here? How many hands touched ‘em? It would have been awesome if I had the time to have them made in Australia to achieve that real handmade look. I designed the concept and drawings then worked with our product developer to have them made although we still really strived for that hand-tailored feel. Once we got the trunks back I added the knife, metal ring and dipped the ends of the drawcords in a red wax for the final signature, like someone would seal an envelope.

So tell me about some of these tricky details y’might not notice at first glance... The focus was to make a well-constructed pair of trunks you can wear well on your summer journeys. This little number is full of treats. It has a 15” out-seam, slightly dropped crotch, nail-head canvas with traditional cargo front pockets using mesh-lining so the ocean can wash straight through. Leather belt loops and key-ring detail for extra accessories so we attached a pocket knife just in case you need it. The waistband is an inner-poly suede inner for comfort and the traditional rhythm elephant print used in the pocket facings and inner waist reflects our heritage.