Comments Of The Week, Edition 73

It’s that time of the week again. The time we are burdened with the unfortunate task of taking ourselves seriously. When we’re forced to become the hero of the wastes by sifting through all your wonderful comments and picking the ones that get to be either glorified in internet Bartertown (COTW) or sentenced to Thunderdome (account banning). Here’s who is safe…for a week:




08. A Lapse In Communication With Mavericks

“Thats me most sessions, except its 3 foot and instead of being howling offshore i just didn't fucking paddle hard enough.” — Noa's last dart



07. The Art Of Defying Death

“Next : Navare on a CatchS Beater.

Show me how you die.” — Risen



06. How About Those Mexican Pointbreaks?

“where is this?” — Whiskey Brain

“I would tell you, but some still think it is a secret.” — ValiantScorn > Whiskey Brain



05. Meet Canada’s First Pro Surfer

“Watching this locked in my toilet while my two fat kids fighting over a video-game in the living room and my fat wife screaming my name from the kitchen!” — Stinkycrab



04. Uh, Yeah, Maybe Kelly Isn’t Done

“In other words, I don't surf the us open because the waves are guaranteed to be complete shit” — John John's Father



03. Heaven Is A Place On Earth

“Guy taking a dump on the beach? Obviously it's either New Jersey or Africa.” — Sunny Garcia's cell mate



02. Kelly Slater On Turning 45 (Today!)

“when fucking Pam Anderson or winning 12 world titles fails to be your proudest accomplishment then you done fucking good.” — greg



01. Comments Of The Week, Edition 72

“tom hanks needs a break, a year and a half stuck in an airport, a plane crash followed by a year and half stuck on an island talking to a ball, and now these two blokes are shaking him down for his glasses.” — Phat-wan kerr