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Luke Davis Stars On Mr Porter



Mr Porter is our favourite location for overpriced designer label clothing. And, Luke Davis is your favourite piñata, surfing’s lowest hanging fruit for internet fury. Luckily, Luke is immune to angry thumbs and lives his life as if nobody is watching (and continues to document it as if everyone is). To celebrate Mr Porter’s Made in California range of clothing, they threw quite a good party in Los Angeles last night, and used Luke as clotheshorse alongside other notable LA faces. And, who knew that Luke's free-spirited and enviable lifestyle is without rent, and his inspired take that rent is essentially paying for storage! So true!

Below is the article in its entirety.

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Surf Culture is synonymous with the SoCal lifestyle. Mr Luke Davis grew up in San Clemente, a beach town midway between LA and San Diego, but has been travelling the world with his boards since the age of 12, making a good living from doing what he loves through sponsorship. Between trips he hangs out and parties in LA. Mr Davis is known for his colourful, care-free, occasionally reckless style in and out of the water, as documented on his Instagram feed, which is followed by 106,000 people. 

What do you like most about LA? The open-mindedness. There are tons of cool people doing art, music, something creative. Where I’m from, it’s a small beach town and it’s a bubble. Here, you can do whatever you want and no one really cares because it’s a city of freaks. I’m really into some stuff that is pretty odd for a surfer, but no one bats an eyelid. I went through a kimono phase. Glitter. Hair colouring. This [brown] is my natural colour and I’m getting bored of it now, so I might go red next.

What part of the city do you live in? I just float around, staying at friends’ places. I’ve been doing that since I turned 21 and started coming up here more from home in San Clemente. I’ve never paid rent in my whole life. There’s no point. I’m away all the time, it would just be like paying for storage. My thing, too, is just to have as low overheads as possible because then you’re not thinking about much, apart from where to go next.

How often do you go away on surf trips? A lot. I’m away more than I am here. I’ve been travelling since I was 12. It’s so ingrained in the way I live my life that if I stay in one place for too long, I start wigging out. I can just go whenever I want. That’s why I have a ton of clothes and stuff in my car, so as soon as I want to go, I can. I have my boards, passport, I have a bed set up in the back. I could just leave tonight if I wanted. I’ve learned to travel super light.

See the entire feature here.

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