Comments Of The Week, Edition 79

By and large the best writers of our time have been reactionary in tendency. And though internet commenting isn’t technically a traditional form of literary output, and does not offer any real return to the past, those who yearn for triviality will accept commenting sooner than its probable alternatives. People worship power in the form in which they are able to understand it. There is a difference in intellectual maturity, but none in moral outlook.



06. Meanwhile, At The Box (A Gallery)



05. Wanna Surf Cape Fear With Mark Mathews?



04. Kite Surfer Caught Dancing With Cyclone Debbie



03. A Case For Running The Drug Aware Pro At North Point



02. Will Seabass Win Twice In A Row? Probably Not.



01. Italo Ferreira Is Reportedly Out For The Remainder Of The Australian Leg