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Steph Gilmore and P-Pass

Oh how we do love Miss Gilmore. Here, Steph rides tubes in Micronesia. This is part of a longer documentary, made by Ava Warbrick, which is been in the works for three years and will be called Stephanie in the Water. The clip is via Nowness, where you’ll also find a Q and Q with Steph. But for now, get lost in this…

  • jimmyslade

    your right stab, i do wish i surfed like a girl.


    That video had everything.

  • woop

    One of the few 3 or so girl surfers you can actually respect. she surfs great and she doesn’t rely on her ass to get her next contract

    • ManBearPig808

      and she hawt

    • oceane

      Ok woop, because all the other girls deserve no respect. I’m sure you surf way better than any girl on the CT, congrats!!!

      • bitter guy

        i have trouble respecting Anastasia as a surfer, no problem respecting her ass whatsoever

      • nuttynatty

        Its hard respecting a girl who sits on the beach in a g string getting photos of her ass for the big 3 companies and expects everyone else to take her surfing seriously,

    • Encunted

      Don’t know if it was written into her contract, but her ass was pretty prominently displayed in that Roxy ad that caused a fuss last year (not that I’m complaining).

  • funky Gibbon

    They should let the ladies have a crack at pipe… on a decent swell it could be done in 2-3 days.

    • bitter guy

      did you see what a mess the ladies made out of their Fiji swell? maybe Rochelle Ballard at 4foot backdoor but not proper pipe, they’d be sitting at ehukai with the spongers

      • funky Gibbon

        They did waste a good swell but pipe is an easier barrel to judge with the speed so they should be able to get into it. What happens once the get into it would be interesting.

      • woop

        “they’d be sitting at ehukai with the spongers” hahaha. your a twit, bodyboarders define charging, some surfers follow

        • bitter guy

          only the bravest. real men lay low.

          • sandy ravage


  • Roberts C

    I fucking love her!

  • Trogan Fan

    Luke Davis is better.

    • kelly slater

      To bad he is a hipster faggot :(

      • Trogan Fan

        There’s nothing wrong with being gay. That hipster shit though…

        • kelly slater

          Well said Trogan Fan

  • bitter guy

    fuck, how bout that last one, arms down and stylin

    • sandy ravage

      How about those waves?! Not to take away from her surfing……she rips and STYLES.

      • bitter guy

        that one rolling through when she’s paddlng out made me pre-cum a little

      • bitter guy

        that one rolling through when she’s paddlng out made me pre-cum a little

  • worldclass

    Hell yeah P-Pass Pohnpei, Micronesia!!!!!!!!

    • bitter guy

      don’t do that

  • bobothecock

    who says YOUR respect is worth anything ? you must rate yourselves eh

  • nuttynatty

    Those porn wanna be Coffey sisters could learn a thing or 2 by watching this. This I could watch all day. Such good surfing.

  • seriously

    That was highly enjoyable.

  • Anthony Moore

    One of my favourite surfers. Has a smile on her face for the whole clip

  • Drunken Angel

    outrunning the barrel most of the time. missing the first barrel section. needs to stall from take-off


    trust me, i’m an expert when i’m on the boat watching.

  • Iona-Kathryn Evans

    What a legend!

  • Damon Twight

    I fantasise over Steph licking peanut butter off my testacles while I beat myself off to Creed giving Beau Foster a rim job.. if only

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