Watch: The Brain-Melting Video 'Planet Absorbed' by The Jim Mitchells

Welcome to a multicoloured psych-freakout. Floating bananas, regurgitated food-dye, lipstick, glitter and the fractured mind of The Jim Mitchell's main man Mitchell Parry. The video, produced by Sydney creatives The Lagoon Collective, is like something you dug out of the family video closet, with it’s VHS treatment, green screens and neon overlays. Why don't we hand the microphone over to Rolling Stone Magazine to describe what it is we are hearing here:

“Psych-infused surf-rock with a harmonic twist. Potent hooks, throaty growls and breezy harmonies. The track hints at The Monkees with a wink and a smirk, but ventures deeper into early rock 'n' roll, reminiscent of The Who or The Kinks.”

Mitcho1 2

“The idea of the clip was to show the different aspects of myself within the writing and recording process and have them represented visually by the different use of colour and setting. When you’re writing and recording along, you can get pretty stuck in your own head.” - Mitchell Parry.

Planet Absorbed is the debut release from the band with feels similar to that of modern-day visionaries like Ty SegallThee Oh Sees and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard as well as golden era icons The SunnyboysThe 13th Floor Elevators and The Beatles. The Jim Mitchell's EP will be out in the next few months on vinyl and cassette (vintage geeks rejoice), recorded and produced by label Third Eye Stimuli and Parry himself in a Sydney home studio and mastered by analog handyman and The Straight Arrrow's frontman Owen Penglis.

“Psych-infused rukus of epic proportions” - Happy Mag

To get a feel for the live vibe here's an edit from their last shindig, 'Born Again' hosted by Lagoon Collective and record label Third Eye Stimuli in a beach house in Bondi:

"We can hear you from 6 blocks away." - The cops

If you're thinking you'd like to experience the madness in real life, The Jim Mitchells play Brighton Up Bar in Sydney on Sunday, April 24 with Jesse Redwing.