Fly Me To The Moon: The Death Of The Air-Reverse

Once the domain of the highly talented, the air rev has turned into something very dirty and malodorous...

Air-reverses ain't freshly-squeezed juice no more. They're old milk, sour and colourless. Now, straight-up, let's be clear – it is still possible to do an explosive, exciting air-reverse that'll scoop airplay in a film or magazine but there ain't a whole lot of people doing 'em (John John Florence and Dane Reynolds are two that certainly are).

"Everyone killed it. Everyone is doing this. My fault, John John's fault, Taj's fault, Kolohe's Fault. It's everyone's fault." – Gabriel Medina.

But, Stab is a documenter of high-performance surfing, so we've got every conceivable angle of the air-reverse drifting into our inboxes every day. That'll give even the most enthused man a case of the jades. So how about we consult some of the men who actually do air-reverses on a daily basis, to discover whether they're feeling the same as we are. Turns out, they totally are.

Fly Me To The Moon is a new documentary series about aerial surfing brought to you by Stab and Carlton Dry. Above you can dig on episode one: The Death of the Air Reverse.

Watch out for episode two, coming soon.