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Stab Caddy: Rusty’s Happy Shovel

Aren’t handshaped boards just becoming more and more rare? But, doesn’t their rareness make them all the more sweet? So, when a surfboard maker comes along and releases a set of 100 boards, handshaped by one of the most revered men in the game, being Rusty Preisendorfer, it’s of great interest. Enter: Rusty’s new Happy Shovel.

The Happy Shovel is all about fun. Limited-edition, handshaped fun. You’ll wanna be scooping this off your rack when it’s knee or shoulder high. Think low volume but high surface area. Paddling and planning is a breeze. Double-barrel concave with shortboard-kinda rails and a bladed diamond tail that lets you whip with ease. And, as to be expected in this age, the Shovel comes with a five-fin setup. Aesthetics-wise, The Happy Shovel has a full resin wash in one of three colours (yellow, blue, red), with Rusty’s Original logo and Californian Factory Authentication logo.

Only 100 of these have been handshaped by Mr Preisendorfer in Cali and shipped over to Oz, so if you want one, email to find your closest stockist.

5’0″ x 19.00″ x 2.12″ V=22.1L
5’2″ x 19.25″ x 2.12″ V=23.9L
5’4″ x 19.50″ x 2.31″ V=26.1L
5’6″ x 19.75″ x 2.40″ V=28.3L
5’8″ x 20.00″ x 2.56″ V=31.2L
5’10” x 20.25″ x 2.69″ V=34.3L

This clip, featuring Josh Kerr, Noa Deane and more, should make you want one. Hang in there too, ’cause while the first half’s all jovial slipperiness, the second half really lights up (Mr Kerr!).

And even better than all this? Rusty are giving one Happy Shovel away. Tell us below: If you were to name a shortboard, what would you call it? Sharp and funny wins, crude and vulgar doesn’t. Entrants must have Australian postal address. Include your email in your post (no one can see it but us).

  • Go Kerr!

    Kerr is blowing up! Im calling a top 3 finish this year, his small wave game is locked down and now he has proved he can work it at Pipe. Stoked

  • sam

    The Slippery Gypsy

  • SEtoast

    ‘corpulent crawfish’

  • Kain

    The Other Woman

  • Kewmo

    The Salt
    The taste of salt (saltiness) is one of the basic human tastes.

  • Manners

    ‘The Face Disgrace’

  • Wallace


    • Jeff

      The Millhouse

  • dewgun

    I’d call it ” The Mistress” matter how many jobs,girlfriends,responsibilitys,etc…that I have,i’m always sneaking off to ride her as much as i can!

  • Sam Kurtzman

    The Killer Wizard

    • Sam Kurtzman

      *** The Wizard ….. If its shaped in Australia… Or The Blizzard Wizard

  • Graham Copeland

    The Shorebreak Shoveler

  • beejaymac10

    The Dancing Shoes

  • WeLove

    “The Other Woman” or “The Mistress”

  • throwaway

    The Mark Twain. Because I always Huck Finn.

    • Ty

      Nothing will beat this. Brilliant!

  • bert

    the oyster shucker

  • Mel Gibsons younger more humourous brother Jake


    Mel Gibson putting on for his city

  • Evan

    The Wet Dream

  • Matisyahu

    The Kraken….summoned from the depths for your shredding pleasure.

  • Seamus omalley

    The rcrc or Rick Cains refined Chandler.

  • WeLove

    “Your Mum”

    …Cause everyone you know will have ridden it, behind your back, at least once!

  • CAM

    The “Yeti Crab”

  • Jacko

    The zonkey (a hybrid animal, a donkey cross zebra)

  • gregg

    the loose pantalon

  • Matt

    Killer tomato

  • jack

    fun clip. :)

  • cobain

    Smelly Finger

  • brehgh

    the gene hack- man

  • WeLove

    “Betty Flinstone””

  • Rob

    Slapdash – Meaning short and quick in one word.

  • Rusty Presendoucher

    how about the “stop naming the stupid board, you fucking idiots”???

    • jb

      The Stab Hater ^

  • cody

    snap crackle delux

  • Paul

    “The Billy Bob Squater”

  • Karaganda

    Choad Toe (and then none)

  • Blake


  • ES

    The Honey Badger

  • Thats For You Slut

    “The Bump Stumper”

  • Hunter

    ” Squirting Schukker”

  • Ads

    I’d name it the big boy claimer and out a hood ornament of Medina on the front

  • Beno

    ‘Slippery When Wet’ or ‘The Slippa’

  • rob

    the shard

  • funkygibbon

    “Bullet Hole’ if it’s a Rusty board

    • Diddy

      CANS, CAR if a Rusty

  • Pete

    The Lipper Slipper

  • O-Dawg

    Captain Dugong

  • bob

    Shark Bait

  • Matt

    The Shred Sled

  • Bilby

    Little Spliffy

  • Matt

    The Surf and Destroy model

  • Peter B

    The Rusty Rocket (assuming its a Rusty board)

  • TB

    Woofy Cooker

  • Joel

    The Sea Snake

  • Neville

    The Coffin Frothin

  • mila

    sperm whale

  • Bilby

    The Spliff Riff

  • Ollie

    The Little ‘Richard’

  • Ya reckon?

    El ‘Bonnet Scoff’

  • Bilby

    Space Kitten

  • theylookshit

    not getting one

  • the el

    mush crusher

  • allan

    gnar bar

  • Steve

    Summer Camp

  • bryce


  • Steve


  • SS

    Toothless Grin

  • jersey shore sucks

    “The snooki” Because it’s short, fat and round

  • SS

    Bar Creep

  • Saul

    Street Light

  • Saul

    The Ladder

  • Saul

    Black Eye

  • James


  • James


  • chaw

    whos that mexican kid?

  • Meatpie



    The “stoner plank”

  • same same but different

    the Blue Whale. because Sperm Whale is taken already by Channel Islands

  • John outzen

    Morning wood

  • Meatpie

    Rusty Bucket

  • Dallas nights

    Bone Yard

  • REN


  • Darren

    Wish it was bigger…

  • bf

    Bobby Flay

  • Ant

    The bizarre ride II

  • Rico

    Little off the Top

  • ZGee

    The Highlander

  • Squish

    The Shred Zeppelin

  • Byron

    The Afterbirth

  • Connor

    “the rusty spoon”

  • Mycool

    The slippery dip
    Turns any break into a playground

  • sam

    the frothin grommett

  • Matt

    The Honey Badger

  • Benno

    “Funnerer” because it looks way more funnerer than other boards

  • Matt

    The Ron Jeremy

  • Matt

    The Slippery Nipple

  • kyle

    clam digger

  • Batt

    The Teenage Mother

  • Dan

    The “Magic Johnson”

  • huckle berry

    the dragon

  • Apples

    Mr squiggle… he was sharp and funny

  • huckle berry

    free balling

  • daveyboy

    the watermelon seed

  • Jesse

    ‘Chubby love’ Not the prettiest on the eyes but goes bananas

  • Matt

    Hell’s Bell’s

  • Matt

    Dark slide of the moon

  • daveyboy

    sled zeppelin

  • Aaron Smith

    Slippery nipple

  • Aaron Smith

    Chuck Norris

  • dan

    THE POOP DECK (cause its for sub par waves)

  • Akhmil Smith

    The ‘sly dog’

  • Luthfi Smith

    The ‘ricky martin’

  • Akhmil Smith

    The munter

  • Tom

    The Summer Bummer

  • Ignatz


  • Tim MacKinnon

    The Johnny Utah

  • Bushy

    The Dirty Sanchez

  • Bonga

    The iron lotus

  • Bas Zaalberg

    My 3rd leg

  • Luke C

    The Lumberjack

  • Benching bill

    Poopie willy. Zing the gay surfer strikes again

  • Kai


  • Michael

    The bad husband

  • Frank

    “Mordekai” Eli Cash’s bird

  • funkygibbon

    ‘Meat cleaver’

  • Violet Fem

    shit disturber

  • Hannah Cousins


  • Brendan

    The Chub Rock

  • ellery

    mighty midget

  • Ross

    Soup Spoon

  • Beau

    The Whispering Eye

  • jorms

    The Sleezsta

  • Aaron Smith

    Cat Daddy

  • Antipodes

    The Bar ‘O Soap; Because it rides like a wet bar of soap dropped in the bath.

  • lenno yew


  • Paul Joyce

    The ‘Weekend Stubbie’ and you could have a stubbie of beer under the name

  • Rico

    The Slap

  • coulddowithanewstick

    in rustys case – the tRusty…

  • coulddowithanewstick

    in my case – the fm – the foam massacre

  • nick

    Spring Piglet

  • jjj

    tongue twister

  • Antipodes

    The Oompa Loompa

  • master bates

    captain pogwash

  • xain culpan

    The Red Rocket

  • xaintrae

    The Happy Shovel

  • BR

    Wet Cunt

  • a

    Froggy Fresh

  • HJ

    if this was a rusty board… The Preisendent

  • jerk


  • MB

    The Airbus! It’s fat and it flies.

  • ta


  • Ben Fitzpatrick


  • the hashtag man



  • me


    • me

      oh no they already had that one!

  • Robert

    Laird Hamilton Tow Board: The Jock Kooks Tow (Sounds a lot like Jacques Cousteau, eh?)

  • charly

    The Party Pooper

  • Robert

    The Juliet (aka, “Oh, Happy Dagger!”)

  • Robert

    The Steve Irwin (aka “The Crocodile Punter”)

  • Robert

    The IRS (Tagline: “Nobody gouges deeper!”)

  • Robert

    The Mexcaliber (for a Puerto gun.)

  • Robert

    The Cole Aberration (Works best if shaped by Cole Simler)

  • Robert

    The Dirty Harry (Nothing makes your day quite like it)

  • kat


  • Kat

    Fortunate Spade

  • Kat

    Bright Digger

  • nate

    Donkey Punch Love

  • jc

    the Buff

  • Robert

    The Bruce Lee

  • Robert

    The Beyoncé (The New and Improved “Black Beauty”)

  • Robert

    Poseidon’s Python

  • Sebastian

    Das Mutterschiff – German for “The Mothership”

  • sam

    for a board like this the rude head! haha

  • merc

    busted testicle, her ivy, hashtag#ride, miss new booty, the happy stubble, jar jar stink, fleshscepade, naked bird, the clause, the grinch, baby batter, she purrs, gap fillet, and donkey punch.

  • matt

    The Pelican

  • MIke

    Weekend at Bernies

  • bongking

    the last bit-o-soap

  • Clay Johnson

    The rusty trumbone
    Or the rusty trumpet

  • joebin

    The Choad

  • cb

    weiner dog

  • PC

    The Bra Toy

  • roblune

    the nifkin cleaner deluxe

  • erik birkelbach

    the fun gun

  • erik birkelbach

    the merlin (cause its magic)

  • Kaleb

    The “Magic Cat Piss” JUST BECAUSE, ALRIGHT?

  • Kieran

    Stab happy.

  • Bob

    the BILF.

  • joe

    the COCONUT CARVER ( makes me think of warm water and good waves)

  • jo

    The magicians cloak, Cause it ain’t no wizards sleeve

  • gravity

    the stokaine

  • sir

    The grovel creeper

  • toe


  • kook


  • Bar Boys (slightly gayer version of Bra Boys)

    ‘Carpet to Atlantis’. Atlantis is an underwater miracle, often associated with the ocean. Magic carpets are a trendy and innovative way to travel. The board kinda looks like a carpet, particularly sans fins.

  • Willow

    Retro short board:”Slight return”
    or wide nosed shortboard board the “monk seal” limited production of course
    or maybe a travel board called the “carpet bagger”
    or a lower entry rocker called the “gas pedal”

  • Padre

    Little Finger

  • Charger

    The Stogie

  • dan the man

    The Chimichanga

  • BIG A

    The Gordita

  • Jack

    The firecracker

  • jack


  • Christian Kinley

    The Pelagic Pelican

  • BOB

    twin peaks

  • TMC

    The Bottletop

  • yew

    the beugle lord sord

  • Ian

    Plank Planner

  • veg

    1/2 chub

  • Pirate


  • j

    danny devito

  • dustbin

    pulled tooth

  • mitch

    the whip whip flip

  • Cayd McGuire

    “Green room happy hunter”

  • Cdub

    China Plate

  • jdub

    “the snail that nails and wails”

  • Leigh foster

    Popeyes the sailor man! Popeye for short. A small board that packs a big punch

  • Matt


  • Casimiro

    The Bowl Cut

  • truth

    lunch bucket, chicken bone, the implant, blood stem, the busted nut, rocket socket, the wagon, she open, the tea bag, the release valve, the zit

  • Jon Hayman

    Hold My Hand

  • serviette

    “The Bearded Dumpster Freak Dive” aka “The Summer Donkey Dream Boat”. Because I like Dane Reynolds.

  • budah

    The titty sqeeze 5000

  • shaka brah

    salty mullet

  • the rusty gate

    the rusty knife

  • Mitch

    The Filthy Gimp

  • James

    The mistress

  • Paul

    The Asprin.

    Cause it gives relief to any pain

  • Peter

    The Gash

  • Keith

    The Lurking Pedophile

  • Jim

    The Depressed Spade

  • Damo

    The Rip Stik

  • Gary

    The 12 Gauge

  • Gary

    The Axe.

    Cause it just chops shit up

  • Pete

    The Muslim Unicorn

  • Matt

    The F-18

    Cause its takes of quick and can do tonnes of rad stuff

  • Pat

    The Magic Shroom

    Cause its trippy as all hell

  • Matthew

    The Paddle Pop

  • Taj

    The Barramundi Slayer

  • Josh

    The Arrogant Sloth

  • Matty

    Earl E. Riser

  • Dylan

    The Peter Siddle

    It will just go all day

  • Ben

    The Arab Lobster

    A versatile creature

  • UUU

    Switch Blade

    Ready at all times

  • T-Rex

    The Bearded Dinosaur

  • F Dog

    the fake doughnut

  • Peter

    The silver spoon

  • Ian

    The Whipper Snipper

    it can tear, rip and shred

  • Darcy

    The Duke

  • Ben

    Ben Dover

  • Will

    The Incestrial Narwhal

  • todd

    Mr Squiggle

    cause of the lines you will draw with the board

  • Max

    The backseat

  • Fano


  • Timmy

    Muchachos Nachos

  • Alicia

    Shooter McGavin

  • Locky

    The Little Ginger Rabbit

  • Bushy

    Dwarf Shortage

  • tom jones


  • Jono

    the board formally know as π

  • Jono

    formerly* totes embarrassing

  • cyber dwarf of the interwebs

    oh yeah “totes”….. fucking TOTES……FAGGOT

    • JONO toots

      ^^^ hahaaaha, this guy totes hates the word totes, so do I, FAGGOTS.

  • Tiago Teixeira

    The buggy

  • jro

    the magic maker

  • jacko

    the “pick pocket” or “pocket picker”

  • jacko

    the magic carpet

  • drew

    grant hackett

  • Mike

    The Tablet

  • Beaver

    The Beaver Shaker

  • Graham

    The Divorcee

    No time to be spent with the wife or family, the board is too good.

  • Greg

    The Welfare Warrior

    The Board is so addicting, working becomes not an option

  • Greg

    The Pope Mobile

  • Ron Jeremy

    the Dixie Normus

  • joho

    the freak

  • tim turner

    u turn

  • Matt

    The Eager Beaver

  • Dayle

    Duke Tubesteak

  • Will

    Waka Flocker

  • Mick

    The Donkey Puncher.

  • truth

    shreks thong

  • Ozzie


    Hellishly addictive

  • Pistol

    Lip Slug

  • Vittoria Allen

    My husband has been DYING for this board.
    He’d name it: Your Huckleberry

  • 123

    Big Smoke

  • Leslie

    The Peak Humper

  • Basil


  • Andy

    Quayside Getaway

  • duda bertho

    the chicken

  • Sunny L

    “The Sunny Side up” as my name is sunny hahaha

  • Andy Griffith

    John Wayne – ‘Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.’ maybe better for a big wave board…

  • B. Dazzler

    The Bobby Dazzler

  • s t

    the ‘gine fly

  • Angus

    Flying Lobster

  • Angus

    The “gear stick”

  • Gabe Reimel

    “Just Add Salt”, “The Skate”, “Whatever Works”, “Liquid Sunshine”, “The Boardwalk”, “Soaking Wet”, “Aqua Sun”, “Truly Stoked”, “Amped Up” or just “Amped”, and “The Surge”. I couldnt decide on only one name :).

  • Toby

    Mr wippy
    Short and fat easy to turn and fun in shore break

  • Nic Baines

    Squashed Tomato

  • tama is shit

    Maravagi Cuttlefish

  • Mitch

    The Sugar Glider

  • Guy

    The piggie bank

  • christo

    the witch doctor

  • christo

    the Gnarl Shred

  • Oscar

    Moon Unit

  • Oscar

    SFR (shorter, fatter, rounder)

  • christo

    the burrito bowl

  • Pieter

    The Rusty ‘Junket’

  • Angus Hunter-Smith

    i’d name a short board ‘the twister’

    my emails

  • Rick Schipper

    If I were to name a shortboard, Id have to call it “The Lacerator”. Tear those faces wide open!

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