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Sincerly Suburbia

When y’shoot as much footage as Kai Neville does, you’re gonna have a lot of not-quite-useable but absolutely amazing leftovers. Since its release, Dear Suburbia has scooped various awards, all of which you’ll see at the start of this digital short. It’s deserving of all. Sincerely Suburbia, the last piece of the Dear Suburbia tapestry, stars Dane Reynolds, Kolohe Andino, Conner Coffin, Jay Davies and Mitch Coleborn, with cameos by Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow and Cory Lopez. It’s filmed in New Zealand, WA and SA. The best thing about all this? Just ask Kai: “Aside from putting an end dot on our last project, the release of Sincerely Suburbia marks the beginning of the most exciting part of what we do: hitting the road and starting all over again. Which we’re doing immediately, already filling hard drives with visions of late nights and long flight and tons of surfing.”

  • pk

    Wow a vid with Dane, kolohe, connor and slater and Davies has the best clips? good on ya davies

    • t

      Davies=most underrated surfer in the game

  • pirate

    Davies owns this

  • Cal

    Jay ripping

  • spoofy jocks

    davies is a king!

    • douche stab reader

      no Kyuss is a king!

  • No more Nike Wetsuits!

    Finally Kia is hitting the mark. Looking forward to the next project.

  • Rob

    This along with every other web clip made for dear suburbia is better then the actual movie


    why the dicksucking of DAVIES NOW!? after that rusty video of north shore everyone shit talked on him, now you want to stretch his anus? fucking stab and their indecisions

    • TRUTH

      VSTR = RVCA 2.0

  • T -man

    JD kills it – want to see more of him, not just at home but at many waves around the world. Powerful, stylish & nimble, great tuberider, draws unique lines & and does fat punk airs. Could def’ hold his own against any (and prob blow a lot out of the water). Rusty – make a full length of this guy!!!

    • T-man’s man friend

      What kind of films would you like to see him in? What do you think about maybe a nude session or a wetsuit bulge contest?

    • schmuka

      jon schmuck is owning it with big airs and tail wofts…yeewwww.. im spanking off to this .. yeww…. so nuts … im pouring olive oil all over my pubes… shaving party? whose in? yewwww…

  • thommo

    Not trying to cause an argument but seriously,stabmag is really losing its edge, show us some real rail surfing instead of all this surf skate chop hopity stuff. Im training a couple of 8 year old groms right now that can sink their rails better. come on Stab.

    • freethekids

      Ah, what exactly are you training them at thommo, you suss old fuck?

    • internet troll

      Not trying to plug my butthole, but does anyone have a cork.

  • gift card


    Nice, but does it really take a genius to simply stand on the beach and shoot footage?
    Or shoot footage from an open window of a moving vehicle. Really?

    Are there not 50 other videographers shooting the same type of stuff?
    With the only real difference being that not everyone has access to
    the top elite surfers ( Dane, Jay, or Mitch, etc. )

    The films are fine. I just don’t feel they are really worthy of the massive
    acclaim and hype they receive. But, def some great surfing.


  • bruzzy cuz

    fuken neville shoulda put more of them slabs at the end in.. colborne was charging!

  • thommo

    Jay Davies rips but he’s a cunt.
    Stole a car to do a devil’s threesome…

    • North Monkey

      ah yes …. the good old devil’s threesome !
      think i’ll try one this weekend :)

    • brazzo

      Jay Davies is scum

  • Spitball

    Fundamental rule of surf cinematograpgy # 1: the better your surfers the more bullshit you can do and people will think its cool.

    Take the same exact film and substitute average surfers and it would be the worst, most trite crap ever made wouldnt it. The only reason this self indulgent hipster style of editing even flies is Dane is in it. Any clip with Dane or john john is sick. Without Dane in his movies no one would even care what Kai Neville did. Not that he’s bad at editing for a surf fimer, but that’s just how it is.

  • Yea NZ

    Stab, please open Kohole’s features to comments.

    • tooky

      kolohe rips,cool cover stab.

    • hh

      what do you have against him? he rips

    • hh

      dude, are you alright? did you saw that segment? because kolohe was flying

      • by

        But he didn’t insult Kolohe? Technically your comment is more insulting as you assume the public hates Kolohe so you take someone suggesting open comments as a insult.

        • truth


    • truth

      & put Jordys features back up!! Apparently Oneill pulled plug on STAB cause they dont want the negitive publicity & sick of the nipples shit. Comment STAB?

  • zanefortb

    that was great should have put that in the movie it was to short anyway.

  • yep


  • yeahguy

    why couldn’t he do that the first time?
    tight little clip regardless.

  • rhino

    so artsy. the hipsters are going to eat this up. kolohe is weak. carry on..

  • deathslab

    anyone know where that last slab is? hectic!

    • Stay home

      If you don’t know, you don’t need to know.

  • Yep

    It’s kind of funny because Kai created this new style of filming/editing and now people rip on it for being the same as everyone else, who all incidentally copied the style of Modern Collective…which started this whole new style.

    This clip was sick.

  • THEO


    • truth

      sorry, you like the gay punk scene. … no knife, blink, etc… that shit is done and dusted. fuck pop punk.

  • stabsucks

    Good surfing. Shit editing.

    • sucksstab

      Shit surfing. Good edit.

  • sheila

    i wasn’t inspired to go surf, until the 7 minute mark with Colborne and that grinder

  • Frilly knickers

    Why am i anot allowed to say Chlöe Vangino on Stab any more?

  • joebin

    Modern collective basically copied Secret Machine. Know your history before you try to lay some knowledge

  • freedom

    Why can’t we comment on Kalohito Andino anymore? His papy didn’t want to? What’s up Stab? You put the kid in pink and doesn’t want us to comment on that?

    • tyjiu

      hey you fucking idiot, i have a question for you do you even surf? i dont know if you do, but one thing i know, is that you dont understand nothing of surfing, because, if you did, you would know that kolohe rips and you would respect him, you fucking fag

      • Adam (anal) Attack

        Are you one of kolohe’s boyfriends ? i know he has a few …
        i used to be one of them, but he just used me for sex
        he didn’t really love me.

      • Freedom

        “hey you fucking idiot, i have a question for you do you even surf? i dont know if you do, but one thing i know, is that you dont understand nothing of surfing, because, if you did, you would know that kolohe rips and you would respect him, you fucking fag”
        Translation: bla, bla, bla…bla, bla… and I lick Kolohes ball’s anytime, anywhere. Keyboard tough kid…

        • douche stab reader

          can i watch… while you lick … i could put barbecue sauce on you both.

        • truth

          eveyones who comments is tough on the lounge (I included) Wouldn’t it be good if STAB could get a hacker to track everone down & throw a hters party-now theres a feature STAB!!haha its all good fun

    • truth

      bubble wrapped nutsack at all times.. cradle to grave.

  • Numbat

    That was awesome!

  • Judge #3

    The pretty boy with boyfriends can surf

  • #gofindit

    deathslab – somewhere between Esperance and Bells.

    • Big note

      To much information.

  • Cassive mock

    Sincerely* suburbia

  • Yew

    We needs more Davies and less andino I say

    • .

      Less Davies, less Andino, more JJF, Dane and Dusty

  • Dan

    What is with the rotating art pieces? and the soundtrack? yeah they are good songs by good bands but not for surfing. Take a note from skateboarding, because it really shows that you guys are the biggest bunch of trend hoppers.

  • 760

    Where is Jordie Smurf ?

    • papa cock

      Where is Lyndie Lyndalsky

  • howy

    Is Kolohe just another over paid insider ?
    Kia I couldn’t even watch Lost Atlas…. to many airs, not enough complete waves.
    Dear Suburbia a little better…

  • jjf

    no roundhouse cutbacks. pathetic.


    Kolohe’s wetsuit makes me want to punch him in the dick!

    • Bodhi

      “Back off Warchild, he’s with me.”

    • .


    • Ha!

      WARCHILD!? AhhaahahahhhahhahahhhhahahahahHAA!!!

  • wank yank

    davies and salty beard please

  • felgfc

    best thing about nike quiting surf industry is the end of these TERRIBLE colorful wetsuits

  • clue

    Where is Chad Compton?

  • my point

    sorry, as of now, I wont take seriously any surf flick that features kolohe and davies and not medina.

  • John Key

    Come on guys, Ricardo Christie was on that NZ trip and doesn’t get a feature in the film or in this clip? Pretty wrong considering he flagged a Prime to be your tour guide. Just saying

  • kookk

    it seems that dipshit doobie was the only stab ‘commenter’ to get replys off STAB…unlucky guys, Doobie wins.

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