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Sal Fitz wins Bells

Posted 07 Apr 2012

In what was a kinda wave-starved final at bumpy Bells, Sal Fitz has won the Rip Curl Pro over Steph Gilmore. It’s Steph’s second consecutive final this year and Sal’s second consecutive Bells win. Ms Gilmore continues to lead the WT ratings points. Gals surfing continues to be more awesome than it’s ever been.


YEILD def Play

Derek Peters Will Not Concede

Posted 2 days ago

Mr Peters is a Huntington Beach local and the cat can surf. Here we get him in some of the better surf HB has to offer and elsewhere.

IRISH slabs Play

Bloody Irish Mountains and Slabs

Posted 6 days ago

First off there’s something about the gal at the beginning that plucks naughty little heart strings. On another note, Ireland get’s big and Paul O’kane, Barry Mottershead and Connor McGuire charge. All tow and beatings inside. This is Mallaghmore the premiere spot for Irish water mountains.

groms these days Play

Noa Hill, Groms these days…

Posted 6 days ago

Noa Hill’s 13 years-young and looks like he’s been watching Marine Layer Production edits. For a young-cat the kid’s moving some water. Here’s the highlights his recent stint in Bali.

Muniz Play

Santiago Muniz in Rio

Posted 7 days ago

The spring suit tan line is priceless! Santiago is Alejo’s brother. Here he is in Rio de Janeiro riding his surfboard. There will be 99 problems if we heard this song one more time.


Summertime Air In Indonesia

Posted 7 days ago

Indo’s beautiful. Here are some clips from summertime in the Mentawais and Bali from above because it’s 2015 and drones are the ‘it’ thing!

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French Sand is the Best Sand

Posted 8 days ago

The right that Vincent Duvignac surfs in this brief edit is literally a sculpted natural footers dream. It’s over sand, in the head high range, and is reeling at what seems to be the perfect speed. In reality, it’s likely that the wave is too fast for the average surfer, but it’s not too fast for mind surfing. So thread away dreamweavers.

tomas kind def Play

Tomas King, Costa Rica

Posted 9 days ago

Tomas King’s a young kid hailing from Costa Rica. Here we get him making use of Costa’s finer offerings.  Three sessions and four minutes of clips.


Mario Diaz, Muy Bien Amigo

Posted 12 days ago

And now for a Volcom edit in B and W. Sir Mario Diaz’s draped in moody colour and jangling guitar. Here’s some 2015 highlights from California, Puerto Rico and the in between.

Edit by Robbie Merrell Alston

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Oli Adams’ Highland fling

Posted 12 days ago

Thurso’s the best wave in the British Isles by a country mile. Here English Pro Oli Adams makes the most of this remarkable wave after making the long trek (12 hours) from his home in Cornwall.

NOA Play

Playing Hooky with Noa Mizuno

Posted 13 days ago

Hawaii’s had one hell of a summer. Noa Mizuno’s 16 years-young and has been basking in the pleasures of uncharacteristic swells. But mom fuck school, I just want to surf!