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Ryan Hipwood – The Right

Oh and what a right it is. The last time Ryan Hipwood surfed this wave was in 2012 and he almost died. After some time off from it, redemption was required. Hippo went back recently and more than redeemed himself, but not with some more carnage. Here he, Mark Mathews and a few other gents with large balls tackle “The Right”.

  • tropical

    So Gnarls Barkley

    • gronk

      I Cee Lo what you did there

      • puamainanihea

        you’ve got tupac kidding me

        • chris

          Sorry but NO. That was the worst attempt ever.

          • puamainanihea

            chris, you are a no good fuckface, why do you have to rain on my parade? i thought it was pretty hilarious regardless if it was stupid or not. I didn’t write it for your viewing pleasure, now go back hating on things silently you self-righteous douche. have a great day

          • guest

            Just shakira it off bro. Just cause Chris doesn’t think it’s punny doesn’t mean it isn’t. No Biggie Smalls deal.

          • guest

            That was retarded… I apologize…

          • puamainanihea

            you my friend, are awesome. *Imaginary fist bump

          • chris

            pretty shit parade.

          • Ivan

            Shut up Chris the fuck face, try to find yourself a personnality with some creativity. Thanks

          • chris

            Calm down baby have a piece of cheese

  • Lairds Dad

    Holy shit. That wave doesn’t even look fun. I’d never let laird surf it….

    • mullrider

      laird wouldnt surf it if he could

    • mullrider

      what a sight it would seeing laird SUP it.

  • Waldo

    This is why watching pipe sucks now.

    • Ivan

      Watching pipe will suck when a guy will have the balls to paddle into one of these waves. I’d rather watch real surfers at pipe than gay bra boys playing with jet skis around a shit bodyboard wave.

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    Laird > hippo


      SUP > tow

  • Timayy

    it doesnt work…

    • bitter guy

      somebody wanted to get some of their money back from the trip/editing bay time. i’d rather be the Stab in this situation though, they’re the ones getting the ad revenue, not Hippo or his filmer.

  • Rob

    Alana looks hot on 2:41

  • Azad Sellars

    Gone :(

  • Muz

    Dean Morrisons wave…

  • old yogurt

    fuck dingo is the man

  • Rattone

    Monster doing their best to make a Red Bull edit, similar feel, music and look but it just didn’t work for them. crazy wave though’

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