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Rip Curl Cup on High Alert

Posted 08 Aug 2012

“The 2012 Rip Curl Cup Invitational at Padang Padang could be ON in the next 24 hours,” says Rip Curl. “A large Indian Ocean groundswell is currently tracking towards Bali, and contest directors are targeting a potential Thursday morning (August 9) start to the Ultimate Tuberiding Contest.”

Y’better believe the invitational will be a really good show if it turns on. Watch the video of Owen Wright at Ulu’s to get yourself excited. Check out the site, here.


    bethany hamilton got one wildcard, who gets the other? will it be owen?

    • JOKER

      Haha stealing my name again number 1

  • john baker

    i heard from a little birdy that namu puro will get the balinese wildcard. get excited, this kid will impress


    pretty lame considering there doesn’t appear to be a live stream. get to watch a butchered highlights package at the end of the day no doubt

  • d

    yeah. way to plug an event that we can’t watch. i’m super excited to watch the “live scores” roll in. boo-urns.


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Kayak Fail.

Posted 5 hours ago

It’s one of our guilty pleasures as surfers watching the demise of others on the rocks. Fortunately for this guy he walked away with nothing but a bruised ego.

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Billy Kemper’s XXL Wipeout at Puerto Escondido

Posted 3 days ago

Y'saw Puerto Escondido light up recently, with 'Wave of the Year' entries claimed and a guy on a skimboard breaking the internet. It was all very good viewing. What you might not have seen though is this wipeout of Billy Kemper, which is not such good viewing. If you've ever wrangled some lengthy fibreglass in some even thicker ... read more

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When Grouper Fish Attack!

Posted 3 days ago

Here’s what happens when a big-ass Grouper gets hungry off the coast of Florida. Daddy gotta eat, right?

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Brad Domke’s backside drift at Puerto

Posted 4 days ago

You probably saw this on Thumbwerk last week or maybe elsewhere, but here it is in higher-rez bliss. Brad Domke, planing down the face of a weekend-ruiner. That ain’t nothing to play with.

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Lucas Silveira, Playa Zicatela

Posted 4 days ago

Eighteen-year-old Lucas Silveira loves the grit of the sand. This is a young man who enjoys commitment and closeouts. At the world’s heaviest beachbreak. Good show, ol’ sport.


Swimmer killed by Lightning in Venice Beach

Posted 5 days ago

A 20 year old swimmer has died and a surfer has been left in critical condition after being struck by lighting at Venice Beach this afternoon. The Thunderstorm was brief but intense, with cloud to ground Lightning lasting just 15 minutes but claiming one life and injuring at least 13 others. The storm was violent enough for the ... read more

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Stationary waves with size

Posted 5 days ago

Okay, while goofyfooters Cyril Inauen and Roland Hauser don't do effortless like Craig Anderson, you can't fault these gents when it comes to pioneering a new stationary wave. With this much water tearing down a flooded European river (we don't call out secret spots! Even inland!), you gotta hand it to the boys diving in from t... read more

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Adam Bennetts, recent Indonesian swells.

Posted 5 days ago

Bali is sure attractive as a new home for many. It’s cheap, it’s warm and it’s wave-rich if you’re prepared to get busy. Adam Bennetts is a pro(ish) surfer and a DJ and doesn’t miss to many “swell events” around Indonesia. Here’s what he did during the last three to hit in June and July.


André 3000 is a goofyfooter

Posted 8 days ago

Outkast are in Northern NSW right now for Splendour In The Grass, in case you didn’t know. After crushing at Coachella, they’ve brought their reunion tour to Oz’s favourite three-day party. And, Three-Stacks surfs! He rides goofy! Bombs over Burleigh!

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A brief message on etiquette

Posted 8 days ago

Cheap laughs, like cheap thrills, don’t last all that long. But, if we can break you from the ad nauseam that comes from a saturated surf media (#jadedfridays) for just this 15 seconds, then we’re doing our job.