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Rip Curl Cup on High Alert

Posted 08 Aug 2012

“The 2012 Rip Curl Cup Invitational at Padang Padang could be ON in the next 24 hours,” says Rip Curl. “A large Indian Ocean groundswell is currently tracking towards Bali, and contest directors are targeting a potential Thursday morning (August 9) start to the Ultimate Tuberiding Contest.”

Y’better believe the invitational will be a really good show if it turns on. Watch the video of Owen Wright at Ulu’s to get yourself excited. Check out the site, here.


    bethany hamilton got one wildcard, who gets the other? will it be owen?

    • JOKER

      Haha stealing my name again number 1

  • john baker

    i heard from a little birdy that namu puro will get the balinese wildcard. get excited, this kid will impress


    pretty lame considering there doesn’t appear to be a live stream. get to watch a butchered highlights package at the end of the day no doubt

  • d

    yeah. way to plug an event that we can’t watch. i’m super excited to watch the “live scores” roll in. boo-urns.


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Summer daydreams with Vissla

Posted 2 days ago

Here, Vissla tosses it back to last summer’s Hurricane Marie in Newport Beach, California. With the US summer around the corner, we’ll chalk this up to anticipation. Worth noting that Derrick Disney’s riding a twin fin at The Wedge. There’s a memo somewhere he never received…

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Jordy Lawler’s Got Thick Skin

Posted 3 days ago

Last year, Jordy Lawler took a bit of a spill while on a Samoan surf trip. A rocked head, skinned back, sliced chin, and a ton of stitches, he was back in the lineup with wounds still fresh. Here, we get a look inside his year’s extra unpleasant speed-bump.

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Ian Gouveia’s Hawaiian Vibes

Posted 3 days ago

A rip-clip to some good old Neil Young? Prime selects! In this gem by Deriva Mag, Ian Gouveia puts on display both his tube-hunting skills, and his trickier side. Full-rotes into the wind and a couple Pipe bombs make for a rounded Hawaiian stint.

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Maukua Trains Hard

Posted 3 days ago

Ever wonder how a reigning BWT champ works to defend his title? For Makua, it’s full-bore training camps and black coffee. This might make you feel outta shape…but worth a watch regardless.

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Shaun Burns does the Central Coast

Posted 3 days ago

You may remember Shaun from last year's O'Neill Cold Water Classic. He's the local Santa Cruz kid that made it to the final and came second to Nasty Nate Yeomans. Well, he's about to be a college grad, and what better way to celebrate than a shred-filled road-trip through Central California? Probably a party, at some point... bu... read more

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Lucas Silveira Dances the Noronha

Posted 4 days ago

Fernando de Noronha is a as dreamy as a beachie gets. Punch with an awfully emerald glow. It gets much bigger than this, but, dayum! Looks playful as ever. Clearly it was a session for Lucas to remember...he took a selfie for the records. Check the 52-second-mark for proof. You know they make sticks for those kindsa shots, right... read more

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Thiago Camarao in Moroccan Spring

Posted 4 days ago

Here, Shrimpy shows his hand on a host of playful Moroccan points. He even wears a suit to match the lineups color palate. So thoughtful! Highlights include the sequence of airs from the 2-minute-mark on.

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Cheyne Mag and Friends Forever

Posted 4 days ago

Here, Cheyne Magnusson struts his stuff alongside the rest of the team at Chemistry Surfboards. Don’t mind the first minute of the clip as you won’t find much surfing, but things pick up quickly from there. Hold tight!

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Michael February does J-Bay

Posted 4 days ago

Mikey Feb’s got one lanky frame. Here, the Capetonian bobs and weaves his long limbs down some longer J-Bay lines, knock-kneed and loose-tailed. Admittedly older footy, but a fresh cut to boot.

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A Feast of Mexican Tubes

Posted 5 days ago

Ever had those Mexican Wedding Cookies? Simply delicious! Just like this batch of sand-bottomed Mexican tubes here. Worthy of some changed plans and purchased plane ticket. Here, we get Nils Schweizer, Brenno Dorrington, Jeremy Johnston, Justin Quintal, Jerome Forrest, Lincoln Taylor, and Marcus Hootman partaking in the peakier ... read more