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Rip Curl Cup on High Alert

Posted 08 Aug 2012

“The 2012 Rip Curl Cup Invitational at Padang Padang could be ON in the next 24 hours,” says Rip Curl. “A large Indian Ocean groundswell is currently tracking towards Bali, and contest directors are targeting a potential Thursday morning (August 9) start to the Ultimate Tuberiding Contest.”

Y’better believe the invitational will be a really good show if it turns on. Watch the video of Owen Wright at Ulu’s to get yourself excited. Check out the site, here.


    bethany hamilton got one wildcard, who gets the other? will it be owen?

    • JOKER

      Haha stealing my name again number 1

  • john baker

    i heard from a little birdy that namu puro will get the balinese wildcard. get excited, this kid will impress


    pretty lame considering there doesn’t appear to be a live stream. get to watch a butchered highlights package at the end of the day no doubt

  • d

    yeah. way to plug an event that we can’t watch. i’m super excited to watch the “live scores” roll in. boo-urns.


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A Vision that refuses to Die

Posted 2 hours ago

No matter how many times you’ve seen it, there’s something about a well shot POV barrel clip that continues to mesmerise. Try to scroll past this in your newsfeed, I dare you, it’s the ultimate in click bait!


Ala Moana Bowls with Flynn Novak and Friends

Posted 2 days ago

Between the days of July 25th and 26th Oahu’s famed Ala Moana Bowls saw some of the most consistent, large swell to come through this summer. Flynn Novak and the boys gladly took to the left hand reef break, and here are the highlights from those two days.

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Teahupoo Wipeouts!

Posted 3 days ago

Here’s a smorgasbord of beatings from the recent Teauhpoo swell. How the human body can survive a wipeout on a wave as thick and powerful is baffling. However, it’s difficult not to find a fiendish pleasure in watching men in lifejackets getting skittled by a big blue monster. Enjoy, you sadists!


Ryland Rubens, The Nica Tapes

Posted 6 days ago

15 year old, San Diego local Mr Ryland Rubens took a trip down to Nicaragua. Six days later we are left with the highlights, at the mercy of the young guns sled.

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You’re a Surfer ‘Arry

Posted 7 days ago

Here's a lad from the British Isles called Harry Timpson on holiday in Sumbawa. Lakey Peak's become a bit of a hub for Brits wanting to hone their skills on consistent walls, and, it's hard to argue with that after watching this clip. Harry's hot on the heels of Reubyn Ash as the UK's most prolific hi-fi export with his mix of t... read more

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Mateia Hiquily, Tahitian Tunnel Vision

Posted 11 days ago

Here, we get 19 year old Mateia Hiquily jamming, popping and knifing around his island chain. The Tahitian boy’s looking lively on that sleigh of his. If escapism’s your gig cue to the 1:10 mark.

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Gearoid McDaid, That Ireland Chill

Posted 11 days ago

Gearoid McDaid’s is and 18 year old, fresh, Irish cat. Here, we get him in a few sessions around his home town. The rubbers thick, and the edits quite pleasant.

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Quinn Mccrystal, California Cold

Posted 12 days ago

Here are some clips from Quinn’s winter sessions on the California coast. Now that the warm months are upon California, and the first of the hurricane swells have kicked in. We look back to the magic that comes in winter from the Northern land.

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Dion Atkinson, Classical Winter

Posted 12 days ago

Here, are the highlights from the Hurley Winter Classic, from July 18th at Fluerieu Peninsula in South Oz. Dion Atkinson took the cake. Some solid rail work exhibited by the ex-CT cat, amongst others.

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WSL Commissioner Kieren Perrow reacts to J-Bay Shark Attack

Posted 14 days ago

The thing with great responsibility, and great pay checks, is that when something goes really wrong, everyone looks to you for the answer. The way that the WSL dealt with the Mick Fanning shark attack was truly commendable, and Commissioner Kieren Perrow gave full credit to his staff. "Coming into this event we have a plan for m... read more