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While You Were Sleeping | Bite Size!

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Rip Curl Cup on High Alert

Posted 08 Aug 2012

“The 2012 Rip Curl Cup Invitational at Padang Padang could be ON in the next 24 hours,” says Rip Curl. “A large Indian Ocean groundswell is currently tracking towards Bali, and contest directors are targeting a potential Thursday morning (August 9) start to the Ultimate Tuberiding Contest.”

Y’better believe the invitational will be a really good show if it turns on. Watch the video of Owen Wright at Ulu’s to get yourself excited. Check out the site, here.


    bethany hamilton got one wildcard, who gets the other? will it be owen?

    • JOKER

      Haha stealing my name again number 1

  • john baker

    i heard from a little birdy that namu puro will get the balinese wildcard. get excited, this kid will impress


    pretty lame considering there doesn’t appear to be a live stream. get to watch a butchered highlights package at the end of the day no doubt

  • d

    yeah. way to plug an event that we can’t watch. i’m super excited to watch the “live scores” roll in. boo-urns.


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Teahupoo, from zero to 100

Posted 2 days ago

Teahupoo sure does know how to offer some different flavours. Here we see all faces: pretty and playful to ugly and furious. Nope, it’s not all footage still smoking on the memory card, but it’s an enjoyable watch all the same.

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Eli Hanneman in Hawaii.

Posted 2 days ago

Here’s a short film featuring one of Hawaii’s best up and coming surfers 12 year old Eli Hanneman of Lahaina. He’s v good and with a mature style like that he’ll be gracing the cinema section in no time.

Film & Edit by Peter Labrador.

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Keala Naihe’s SPRNG BRK

Posted 4 days ago

There’s a bit too much going on here but if you skip through the chaos and potential epileptic fit inducing lights there’s some pretty good surfing with some heavy slabs. Here’s Keala Naihe’s version of spring break. Enjoy.

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Chasing Rhythm.

Posted 7 days ago

Here’s 4.30′ of reasoning to go to Mozambique. Made especially enticing by the surfing that Beyrick de Vries and Matt Bromley are doing.

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Surfaid’s Surfify

Posted 8 days ago

In partnership with Spotify, SurfAid has released a revolutionary new fundraising campaign called ‘Surfify.’ Surfify’s an album available on Spotify featuring the relaxing sounds of the ocean so you can donate while you sleep. Each time the track is played, Spotify donates a small royalty fee to SurfAid.

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The Pipeline’s Surf Wrap

Posted 8 days ago

Everyone’s favourite surfing wrap show The Pipeline is back once again with surfing’s most humorous, ludicrous, and unscrupulous happenings of late. In this episode Jed Smith and the gang pay homage to the brave daredevils who take to the skies in the name of progression; The pioneers of punt. Whoopa!

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Venice, Then and Now.

Posted 8 days ago

Venice Beach is known for Muscle Beach, The Board Walk and more recently a trendy little street called Abbot Kinney. Before all the rich moved in it was Los Angeles ghetto and was more known for its skating than surfing. Here’s an inside glimpse into the lives of Venice Beach’s two best surfers.

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Vissla’s newest trunk.

Posted 8 days ago

A fair few of these board short commercials land in our mail box daily. Usually we pass on posting them but this one piqued our interest, so we thought we’d share. It’s worth a minute of your life.

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More from the Mexican Pipeline

Posted 10 days ago

Holy shmokes the stretch of sand known as Puerto Escondido has been delivering some sand-filled visions to the brave matadors of late. Here we see the Mexican Pipeline at less than death defying size, but in black and white with atmospheric local tunes. Timmy Reyes, Nic Lamb, Derek Dunfee, Jappy and Oscar Moncado are the stars i... read more

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TCSS: Welcome to Peaceville

Posted 10 days ago

The cold is cruising in and the days are short. Ya clobber becomes functional, lookin’ flash & keepin‘ cosy are mandatory. With this in mind The Critical Slide Society have given their winter range a good old roadtest. They packed up the ol motor and headed down the coast, and documented their travels. Too cool to surf t... read more