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Rehab with Jeremy Flores

Jeremy Flores sliced his foot open in a heat at the Oakley Pro, Keramas. He took a month outta the water and a few days ago, pulled the stitches out of the cut. Since then he’s been trying to get back in the vibe and figured that a simulated, not-huge wave deep in the Basque Country would make the perfect place to rehab. He’s looking rather sharp already.

  • powersurfer

    wave looks incredible. would be ALMOST perfect it was a couple of feet bigger for sure.

  • James B

    Man, when this technology is able to get this wave two feet bigger, Kelly Slater´s artificial wave´s dream will be forever gone.

    • onenorth

      Two feet bigger would still be a couple feet above your nation’s comfort zone tigershark.

      • James B

        And what´s my nation, mr. One Nazi?

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