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Noah Beschen, California

Man alive, meet Noah Beschen! He’s the 12-year-old son of Shane Beschen. And, he surfs with the same hooked back arm as his dad and his uncle Gavin. It’s the Beschen arm! Noah loosens his fins like papa, too. But, the skating he learnt all himself. This clip, cut with some very entertaining audio, is kinda scary. Imagine this kid’s surfing in 10 years. Stab dares you!

  • Tess Steckle

    Jack Robinson shits on this kid.

    • curren

      Eat shit Tess,by the sounds of it you already do

  • Hugo

    Jack’s two years older than this kid. Noah doesn’t have the big wave thing down like Jack, but that’ll come with time

  • nut cracker

    have’nt even watched the clip but i can tell that Tess is a jackass.

  • adolf

    man the kid lives on oahu, you dont think hes surfs big waves?

  • jb

    saw this kid on the goldy, quik pro time this year. poor little guy couldn’t buy a wave in the few sessions i saw him.

  • a

    One thing this kid has that impresses me… respect for everyone. Great little addition to the Beschen dynasty

  • Reality

    He is, of course, spawned by guys that grew up blocks from SURFER headquarters in the heart of the OC. This of course means we will have years of pics and hype forced on us (Imagine him in 10 years!!!), whether the poor kid is ready for it or not. He is 12, a lot can happen. He may be great. he also may be just a good surfer. Move over Kolohe, they are already scouting the next guy.

  • p

    cool kid!

  • Chris

    haha classic – so sick if your dad could do 360º airs

  • Yep


  • Walt

    This grom shreds.. Just because there’s hype no need to hate. Surf on grom , love it , enjoy it and have an amazing time along the way.

  • kookburger

    I wish Shane Beschen was my dad….

    However, I’m bummed Shane let his son ride for a wack company like Nike. Should have kept it core (…Lost)

  • kookburger

    on another note, has anyone noticed Sofia Beschen? Wooooweeee!

  • curren

    nice little feel good clip go grom

  • yew

    he surfs lik e fuckking gavin. so sick

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