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Noa Deane by Jon Frank wins A Return To Old Fashioned Values

And, that’s a wrap.

A Return To Old Fashioned Values is officially finished. The acid complications of phones, digital cameras and computers were iced for isolation, waves and film, and we created anti-established surf journeys between a photographer and his subject (made in association with Bulleit American Whiskey).

And, we have a winner:

Noa Deane, by Jon Frank.

That’s $10k in the hand, Mr Frank, and the kindest of congratulations to you.

Jon and Noa went to G-Land, a place of old world Indonesian jungle, whose star has faded somewhat since it’s popularity in the 90s, but is still beautifully picturesque (especially when shot on film camera). Jon and Noa’s photo diary is nostalgic and futuristic in equal measure. It can still be viewed here.

Big ups to the other teams of Chippa Wilson and Ted Grambeau, and Dusty Payne and Brian Bielmann, who also gifted us amazing print imagery and made the decision way harder for everyone who voted – all of whom we’re also grateful to.

  • yourmominbed

    Again, Stab favors the bowl cut aussie no talent/unoriginal person instead of dusty. Sad .
    Lets see how far he’ll be in 5 years.

    • Yep

      Isn’t Noa like 18/19? Look at some of the shit he is doing now, both in the air and in terms of big turns… Imagine him in another 5 years.

    • wurst

      this contest was about photos, not performance, twat.

      • rob dydrek

        how can u say noa deane has no talent you dingus

    • ciggie butt brain

      who gives a fuck about his haircut? watch the surfing not his bangs, i bet you’re one of those homoerotic homophobes in denial. #secretpoof

    • Kalani Chapman’s Schlong

      Sitting atop the great heights that Dusty has achieved?

  • SomeoneWhoWatchedTheComp

    What is it with all of you bitter cunts here on the forums and your inability to spell (it gives you effin’ spellcheck!), use common sense, or say one positive thing? Fuck you all are spewing every vid just bc an 18 year old rips harder and has a better life than you ever will. Get some positivity and read a book for fuck’s sake.

  • Kalani Chapman’s Schlong

    Best lesbian looking ripper out there right now!


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