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“The Final Was A Dream Come True.” - Taj Burrow

Seven competitors hailed upon Kuda Huraa–a tiny, dreamlike sliver of sand in the Maldives–for The Four Seasons Surfing Champing Champions Trophy, searching for an invite back. And Taj, has secured such invitation. This event, as we’ve noted, is one everyone wants to attend. Because, who doesn’t want to live lavishly, eat five-star dining, have fingers and palms kneaded into shoulders and backs between heats and recline in the comfort of the 100,000 dollar-a-week catamaran known of the Four Seasons Explorer? Oh and not to mention, you’re in the Maldives, the water’s crystal, Sultan’s is playful and hollow, and from the ease of your couch, office chair or driver’s seat stuck in traffic; it seems like an idyllic setting to escape to.

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Taj is now truly on the "dream tour". Photo: WSL

After Taj won the semi and final on day three: the thruster division. His next snag was that of Mr Dorian, who took the win last year.

“This has been such a fun event,” Burrow said. “Sultans is just such a fun rippable wave, and to surf with one of my childhood heroes, Shane Dorian, in the final was like a dream come true. I was so nervous in both of those Finals; Shane was ripping so hard and just not falling off, so it was pretty nerve-racking.”

“The waves were pumping all day. I’m so tired after surfing back-to-back finals but it was sick to be out there with Taj, he’s an incredible surfer. My wife and I have been looking forward to getting back here all year so I’m stoked we got to experience it all again and get on the different boards in a contest.”

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Shane-O "was always coming back". Photo: WSL

Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy Final Results
Taj Burrow 17.84, Shane Dorian 17.33

Overall Rankings
1. Taj Burrow 
2. Shane Dorian
3. Travis Logie
4. Rob Machado
5. Jamie O'Brien
6. Iboo Areef
7. Bethany Hamilton