The biggest wave ever ridden on a skimboard: Brad Domke

Brad Domke just rode the biggest wave ever surfed on a skimboard. It went down in the swell that recently hit Puerto Escondido, where Shane Dorian airdropped into what might have been wave of the year so far.

You know Mr Domke from here, here, here and here. His unique game of surfing waves on a skimboard, which some choose to call skurfing, is mesmerising. There's no mods; the board Domke surfs huge Mexican beachies on is the same one he runs in skim contests.

"When you’re drawing the line, you really have to pinpoint the spot on the wave before you even get to it," he once told Stab in an interview. "On a big wave, you’re going so fast down it, you gotta be used to the feeling of going fast without fins."

Speaking about a 10 foot Mex beachie session, Domke told us: "Holding my line and my rail, I remember it felt like the most muscles I’ve ever used, my entire body, just for surfing."

So, uh, imagine holding a line on this avalanche of a wave. Quite honestly, have you ever seen anything like this?