Hey Kid, Think You’re One Of The Best Talents Under 18?

One of the greatest projects spawned by Quik is re-open for biz today, Young Guns Surf. Last year, starting with a hashtag competition, ten groms were selected from around the world for a final event held at a beach break on a military base in Oceanside. There Mikey Wright, Jeremy Flores and Zeke Lau gathered at the judge's booth. During the final heat, as 30 seconds drained on the clock, Bali’s Rio Waida, put down one of the best combo’s of the Young Guns event. Mikey, Jeremy and Zeke gasped, the blow horn sounded, the judges whispered, Freddy Pattachia Jr tossed his arms to the side in disbelief, and Rio walked away $10k heavier.

This year, they got another oversized $10k cheque waiting for the winner and free trip to an undisclosed island in Indo for eight finalists. Before we get ahead of ourselves, right now, they’re trying to narrow the playing field down to thirty.

But, first, a few minor rules: If you’re not under the age of 18, you’re an adult, get a job… and apologies, you’re out. On the flip side, if you’re not 13 before April 13, 2017, sorry kid, you got a year before you can flaunt.

QS 2016 Wetsuits WA Mikey Bosko 0252

"Go hard at the section, get as much speed as you can, try to land everything," advises Mr Wright.

Here's how it works:
Round One - Slam The Gram (April 13 - May 11)
You got a phone, and are more than likely looking at it right now. Quik’s talent discovery program understands the digital age and is geared for the thumb-scroll. Which is why #YGSURF is kicking off on Instagram. Find your clips, film your clips, upload them to your page and tag in @quiksilver with the hashtag appropriate to your desired category.

Mikey, Jeremy and Zeke will hand-select the ten best aerialists, carves and all-round talent for Round two.

The Categories:
Akin to the space above the lip?
Post the best air you’ve cemented on film with #YGAir and Mikey will have a look.

QSPRO 2016 Bosko 7278

"I wanna see someone lay everything they got into a section," says Zeke. "Throwing massive amounts of water and burying that rail."

Heavy on the back foot and like to wipe the horizon? Find the biggest turn you’ve completed on film and send to Zeke with the #YGRail. 

QS 2016 S1 Jeremy BOSK9952

"I'm simply looking for a combination of huge turns, big rail carves followed by a big air or something special," says Jeremy. 'I want to see the kids that can turn any kind of wave into a wow factor."

Are you constantly winning the friends heat with rides in the excellent range? Post your finest combos to Jeremy with #YGCombo.

Enter all three categories as much as you’d like. Get sending.

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