WSL Medical Staff Reportedly Deems Owen Wright Clear For Competition

It’s official, Owen Wright will be competing in Newcastle in the upcoming Maitland and Port Stephen Toyota Pro. After suffering a severe head injury while surfing Pipeline in December 2015 and being sidelined for over a year and a half, this will be Wright’s first attempt at a return to competition.

In recent days and weeks, Stab has learned that Owen has been working closely with the WSL's medical team to prepare for his return. He has undergone a battery of tests to determine the progress and medical boards deeming him clear for competition.

Wright’s current plan is to test the waters at the contest in Newcastle and then re-evaluate his condition to determine if a return to full-time competition is in the cards. He was awarded an injury wildcard for the 2017 CT season if he decides to go all in.

Over the past three weeks there have been rumours of Wright’s return at Newcastle, but until today they’ve remained unsubstantiated. Local Australia press and the organisers of the Newcastle event had reported that Wright was entered into the draw, but coach Glenn Hall quickly walked back expectations.

“He’s slowly making his progress towards a comeback, but the timeframe is still unknown for everyone, even himself,” Micro said at the end of January.

The WSL has now confirmed that Wright will be competing in Newcastle. A statement from the Commissioner’s office is soon to be released.

Wright and members of his camp were not immediately available for comment for this story.