Meet the world’s best groms! Here’s: Jordy Collins

Interview by Matt Hoy | All photos by Ricardo Bravo

Right now, the world’s 10 best under 18 surfers are in Brazil’s Fernando de Noronha, for the final of Quiksilver’s 2015 King Of The Groms. While they’re there, we’ll be profiling the kids who are keeping the future of surfing bright – as interview by the vibrant Matt Hoy. Today, let’s meet…

Jordy Collins!

I'm Jordy Collins, no relation to Richie. Or Phil. Who’s Phil Collins? I’m 16, from Carlsbad, California.

Favourite board dimensions is a hard one, I’ve just been riding Bill Johnsons, 5’11” by… I don’t even know how wide. Whatever he makes me, I guess. I ride any kind of tail, but I do like a round tail.

What do I most like about Brazil? The crowds. (laughter).

My biggest rival in King Of The Groms, I don’t know, I don’t think there’s any rivalries, but I’d say the kid who’s ripping right now is Sebastian Williams. That’s kinda who everyone’s gunning for. It’s been sick to watch.

I don’t know who’s going to win the world title this year. Who’s in it? Probably just Mick, right? And Filipe? No way! That’s gnarly. I’d rather Mick win.


The bet surfer in the world right now is John John. His new film was insane, so gnarly.

If you gave me a million dollars, I’d save it for a rainy day.

Three things I’d take to a deserted island are boards, friends and family. Maybe a girlfriend – do I get a fourth thing?

The best thing about King Of The Groms is just how it’s not your normal contest where everyone is being all eggy and wanting to win. Everybody here is rooting for each other. If somebody does something sick, everyone is stoked. I think that’s sick.

Ten years from now, I just hope I’m surfing. Whether it be on the tour, or freesurfing, I just wanna surf.

The biggest influence at my local break would by Cyrus Butler, this kid that lives there who just charges. He’s sick.

The biggest influence on my surfing is John John, he’s super hot right now so just trying to do everything he does, even though I’m not very good at that, but I’m trying to be.

I’m most scared of big waves. And drowning in them. Getting waves on the head is the worst. If you’re in the right spot, it’s sick though.