Meet Julian Wilson – Hurley's newest rider

Make way for tomorrow. Nike is no longer the main sponsor of WT surfers Julian Wilson, Kolohe Andino, Michel Bourez, Alejo Muniz, Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson or Laura Enever. While the official release says the clock swings on January 1, 2013, the photo above shows Julian surfing at Off The Wall in Hawaii today, with a Hurley logo instead of a Nike one. And it ain't even December yet.

Nike have said they'll remain active in the world of surf, so perhaps the lack of a Nike sticker on Jules board means that he ran out of smaller, accessory-sized decals, or that the kinks ain't been ironed out yet. What's certain is: "As part of the category offense and portfolio strategy, NIKE, Inc. is further committing to Action Sports and re-aligning its focus," says the press release. "Nike will concentrate on optimizing the full potential and growth opportunity of Skateboarding and Snowboarding. Hurley will continue to focus on Surf, leveraging its industry leading Phantom boardshort innovation and deep consumer connections, partnering with some of the world’s top surf athletes."

Props to Jules for the enthusiastic and immediate embrace of his new baker.