Dane Reynolds' Haleiwa turn

Two days later and it's no less mind-blowing. In the round of 96 at the Reef Hawaiian Pro, stop one of the Vans Triple Crown, Dane Reynolds reminded us of why he is the world's best surfer right now. Since we can't stop watching it on replay, we figured we'd get our adored commentators in the mix. Is this the best turn ever done in a competition?

Stab thinks yes, as did Shane Dorian, who was commentating at the time: "I'm gonna go out and say that's pretty much one of the gnarliest turns I've ever seen in my whole life," said Shane in the booth. "I'm seriously baffled about what he just did. There's probably one person on Earth that could do that turn, and it's Dane Reynolds, pure and simple, that's a fact. Honestly, in the whole surfing world, if you gave everyone on Earth that same section and said "I wanna see you do that," there's probably only one guy who can do it, and it's Dane Reynolds."

As he does, Dane downplayed the turn. “It was just kind of frustration," said the Venturan. "'Cause my first couple waves were closeouts, then I got one and my board felt way too long and I just couldn’t get any release out of the tail, so I was just going on a closeout and just kinda doing what you can (laughs)."

Doing what you can, huh? That sure is a lot.