Ain't that Swell...Fiji special!

This week Ain’t that Swell gets deeper than Mark Healey, in the recent events at Fiji. One of the heroes of Cloudbreak’s swell of the century, Dave Wassel himself joins us to talk us through the heroics, highlights and standout performers from the history making session (including the wave he caught, which many are already calling the ride of the year).

But it wasn’t all good news coming out of the Fiji thunderdome. There was also the small problem that the vast majority of high profile, big salary World Tour surfers chose not to set foot on fiberglass during the all-time session. We talk to the poison quill himself, Lewis Samuels about what that means for pro surfing.

While finally, Hawaiian underground legend and Cloudbreak charger, Kala Alexander takes off his Wolfpak cap and discusses, with some good ol’ school Polynesian philosophy (and trademark vigour) why it’s unfair to criticize the 24 World Tour surfers who didn’t surf that day.

P.S Oh yeah, and we did a little highlight reel of Dave Wassel’s best ever commentary moments.




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