A Place In The Sun (is alive)

And we're live. Welcome to A Place In The Sun, Stab's contest to find the perfect surf trunks. We've thrown a line out to the best designers of these fundamental pieces of surf equipment and asked ‘em to build their idea of the ultimate trunk.

Welcome to this year’s party: Afends, Assembly Label, Billabong, The Critical Slide Society, Globe, M.Nii, O’Neill, Rhythm, Rusty and Volcom.

We’ve had each of the above 10 brands create us a unique trunk and accompanying clip. You can vote for each brand on their trunk page. Trunks will be judged upon three divisions: Public vote (one vote per IP address!), designer vote (our influential designer chooses their favourite trunk!), and the director’s vote (our influential auteur chooses favourite clip!). The winning trunk must win two of the divisions. If in the case that the three divisions are won by three different companies, the public vote holds the most weight and that entry will be deemed winner. There’s no second places, just victors in each division.

Voting is now open, and closes Friday, December 6. The winner is announced December 10.

Oh, and we're also gonna be giving away all 10 pairs of these trunks to the person who leaves the best comment on one of the brand pages. This'll be judged by Stab.

Here’s to the everlasting evolution of surfing’s greatest commodity.

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