2013 Volcom Pipe Pro, Day Two (but mostly Mr Florence)

Today, at the Volcom Pipe Pro, John Florence consecutively posted a 9.30, a 9.53, a 9.73 and a 9.97. That's a heat total of 19.70 outta 20. "That was a really fun surf session," said John understatedly. "Just being there and having no-one out, it firing like this with wave after wave after wave.... it's a pretty special feeling. I think this is one of the better days of Pipe all winter. It was really hard to come in."

But, with that many good waves, which one was the best? "The wave where I took off out the back was more of a scary one," he said. "I kinda felt like I fumbled a couple of times at the bottom and I thought I was going to get my head taken off by the lip. It was kind of a dramatic ride for me (laughs). Any opportunity to surf out here is just a good thing. If I wasn't in the contest and was sitting at home watching this happen with four guys out, I'd be freaking out."

While John pocketed a fistful of nines, the day's only 10 gravitated straight for Mr Nat Young. Six minutes into his first-ever heat at Pipe (can y'believe!), Nat scratched into a pit of drama. "That was the best wave I've ever had out there," said Nat. "The wave itself was just amazing. This is the first time I've ever done a comp here so for me it's just practice. That's why I came, to get comfortable out here. I've surfed here a lot, I've been coming here every winter since I was 14, but I'm definitely intimidated out there. I was definitely nervous before my heat. To say I wasn't intimidated would be a lie.

Dig on that! And when you go watch the heats on demand, (and you will), also keep an eye out for Reef McIntosh, Chris Ward, Josh Kerr and Masatoshi Ohno for some killer performances. Go check it all out here and, tomorrow, please, don't miss the next chapter.

Round of 64
1st & 2nd advance, 3rd=25th, 4th=49th
 Jamie O’Brien (HI); Kolohe Andino (USA); Makai McNamara (HI); Kai Barger (HI)
H2: Eala Stewart (HI); Joel Centeio (HI); Mitchel Coleborn (AUS); Keanu Asing (HI)
H3: Bruce Irons (HI); Tanner Gudauskas (USA); Torrey Meister (HI); Yujiro Tsuji (JPN)
H4: Nat Young (USA); Kahea Hart (HI); Tim Reyes (USA); Shane Beschen (USA)
H5: Reef McIntosh (HI); Chris Ward (USA); Anthony Walsh (AUS); Nathan Yeomans (USA)
H6: Masatoshi Ohno (JPN); Perth Standlick (AUS); Miguel Tudela (PER); Aritz Aranburu (EUK)
H7: Cory Arrambide (USA); Ricardo Dos Santos (BRA); Nic Von Rupp (DEU); Koa Rothman (HI)
H8: John John Florence (HI) 19.7; Pancho Sullivan (HI) 10.36; Sidney Guimaraes (BRA) 9.57; Parker Coffin (USA) 0.96
H9: Josh Kerr (AUS); Alex Gray (USA); Jeremy Johnston (USA); Nathan Florence (HI)
H10: Olamana Eleogram (HI); Krystian Kymerson (BRA); Charles Martin (GLP); Steven Pierson (PYF)
H11: Dale Staples (ZAF); Patrick Gudauskas (USA); Nathan Hedge (AUS); Charlie Carroll (HI)
H12: Wiggolly Dantas (BRA); Cory Lopez (USA); Cristobal De Col (PER); Leandro Usuna (ARG)

Round of 96 continued from yesterday
Surfers listed in order of 1st through 4th – 1st & 2nd advance. 3rd=65th, 4th=81st
Heat 9: 
Nathan Florence (HI); Krystian Kymerson (Brz); Danny Fuller (HI); Simao Romao (Brz)
Heat 10: Steven Pierson (PYF); Jeremy Johnston (USA); Matt Pagan (USA); Gony Zubizarreta (ESP)
H11: Dale Staples (ZAF); Leandro Usuna (ARG); Makuakai Rothman (HI); Jeronimo Vargas (BRA)
H12: Cristobal De Col (PER); Charlie Carroll (HI); Kalani Chapman (HI); Dane Gudauskas (USA)
H13: Marcus Hickman (HI); Connor Coffin (USA); JD Irons (HI); Tanner Hendrickson (HI)
H14: Ian Gentil (HI); Stephen Koehne (HI); Dylan Goodale (HI); Dillon Perillo (USA)
H15: Leandro Bastos (BRA); Joshua Moniz (HI); Ian Walsh (HI); Dege O’Connell (HI)
H16: Balaram Stack (USA); Sean Moody (HI); Evan Valiere (HI); Hank Gaskell (HI)