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My Style, with Noa Deane

My Style with Noa Deane, 17, Coolangatta

Shoes: Vans Old Skools. I like how wide they are and that my foot actually fits in them, ‘cause I have ugly, wide feet. Which is actually okay for my surfing. They’re good to skate in, too. Which I’m not any good at, but I’m into it. I ride a Krooked double-kick. It’s 8.25, which is pretty wide, but I’m a size 12 foot.

Skating: Fun little stuff. A coupla little ledges and some little quarters. I love mini-parks. I don’t mind a rail here and there, either, just a flat-bar. I mostly just do backside boardslides. I can’t do lipslides and frontboards are sketchy. You gotta be over your board and committed. I can’t do any grinds. I so badly wanna do a smith, or a feeble, but I just can’t. Front feebles might be the best-looking trick ever. Or, salad grinds.

Clothes: I like pants, not jeans. Like, chinos. I like wearing collared shirts sometimes, but just low-key ones. I don’t wanna try and look like I’m rich or anything, y’know.

Hair: I’ve semi got a bowl-cut right now. I cut it myself at the front then my girlfriend fixed the back. It’s pretty funny, I think.

Party: I don’t care about party setting at all. I really just like it when you can talk with people. No one raging or anything. Just more social than anything, everyone just hanging out, talking and having a good time. If you’re dancing forever, your legs are gonna get tired, aren’t they?

Art: I like using acrylic paint on canvas. I’m not good or anything, but I like painting abstract shit. The other day I painted a little black circle with stuff inside it. I like Alex Olsen’s collages. Have you seen those? They’re fucking sick. And Jean-Michel Basquiat. I like his stuff a lot.

Camera: I’ve got a few, but my favourite is a Canon Snappy. I take photos of anything really, but I like architecture and some landscape. I also like portraits, too. Photos of people can be so good.

Music: I like Nirvana. Grunge, for sure. I listen to the Misfits, too. Then, I like some older stuff, like Neil Young – my mum got me into that. I still like some new stuff though. Like, the Black Keys are pretty cool.

Girl: Well, my girlfriend has brown hair and blue eyes. I don’t know if I really have a style of girl, so long as they’re cool. Just, ah, not weird.

Food: Pub food. And pies! At the pub, I get either the $10 roast or the steak. Or, chicken parmy.

Car: I don’t have a car yet. Or a licence. I’m going to get it this week, actually. But, I have been saying that for months.

Phone: I’ve got an iPhone 4, right now, but it’s smashed. I was on the phone to someone at the Australian Open, Manly, and it just slipped out of my hand. It still works, though.

Cologne: Sometimes. I have French Connection UK. My girlfriend loves it. I mostly just wear it if we’re going out to dinner or something, which makes her happy.

Film: I like anything, really. I watched Trash Humpers the other day. That was sick, but it’s fucked-up and weird. I like watching older movies and weird ones. I hate High School Musical.


    I could summarize STAB Style’s entire journalistic output in 4 words

    “trendy bro is trendy….”

    • joe

      thats three words bro

  • Kimbo

    you didnt ask him when was the last time he threw up on the piss!!………………..or passed out after a bong ! are these guys surfers or boy band types ?

  • BoB

    hes a cool cat not a try hard like otis, pringle, dion etc. dig that grom see him surfing d bah all the time and surfs gooooooooood

    • thebeesareinseason

      tall poppy

  • wet ones


  • shrunken Dick

    17 year old wearing cologne to make his girlfriend happy…. whatapussy

    • brad

      That dont make him a pussy, it makes him non-ego -centric


    Noa is the man! Trash Humpers fo lyfe. March 2012 for lyfe, Chumpers fo lyyyyfe!

  • mac


  • DAvid

    he actually comes across as really normal kid. you other commentators are either freaks or old peodos…

  • the tinkler

    facts are this kid is born an bred locale , unlike ur so called [its all over]cooly kids, facts are the kid rips , does act like a cockhead in the surf [unlike as above],he runs in the world with his own style, oh u haters i think komune just opened

  • the tinkler

    reframe, above, does not act like a cockhead,tinkler fault

  • dave anderson

    Starting to see alot of this kid, and its pleasing to see someone be who he is and not morphed by some big shot companys. Seems like a genuine kid with a big future, keep up the good work Noa – Can’t wait to see you progress over the next wee while.

  • jewsuf

    The kid thimks he’s Dane Reynolds

  • OH MAN too many xanax

    surfing is primarily about surfing. some teenagers can struggling immensely with what sic cool, thats normal. Juts relax, dontt think twice about it unless itds to refert on your entry level attempts at a captain smooth when yu war 14 ir . don’t em shy to hoot some good surfing in a a session we really can all get long and destroy the poxy change the dynamic form the 80’s early 90’s rear about Local culture run by the king derros. everyone else on other individual spots gets into it

  • OH MAN too many xanax

    wooo i rating that dribble.

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